VLORANT Premier Global Beta Confirmed

VALORANT receives a new competitive mode beta called the Premier, and here is everything you need to know before playing.

Riot Games has introduced a new competitive mode for VALORANT, originally revealed with its alpha version in Brazil. After a few months of waiting, the studio has finally announced the BETA version of the competitive mode called the Premier with global access.

The VALORANT Premier will bring new in-game competitions, allowing us to build a team of five players ready to compete in a pre-scheduled shootout match against player teams with the same skill-set level. This new system will give players to get a taste of e-sports competitiveness.

To fill in some more details, The CPU Guide is here to bring you some insights on the VALORANT Premier beta and what’s coming with this new competitive mode for the fans of a team-based first-person shooter.

When is the VALORANT Global Premier Releasing?

As I discussed earlier, Premier will offer a new competitive world that provides a higher level of rivalry for the players than the Ranked matches. This new mode will release globally during Episode 6 Act III, which is set to open new doors for the players who aim to become pro-level e-sports champions from the comforts of their homes.

VALORANT’s Head of Esports, Leo Faria, gave more insights on the Premier, mentioning that there will be a future path to VCT Challengers League. So, it might replace the current qualifying system.

Who is Qualified to Play VALORANT Premier?

Ever since November, this competitive mode has been live with its full features in Brazil region. So, the VALORANT Premier beta will miss much of what they’ve been enjoying in Brazil for the past few months. I guess we still got to wait for a few more days.

The Premier competitive mode allows everyone to build a team to compete across the pre-scheduled matches of the season. So, you can create a team with your friends, family, neighbors, classmates, football teammates, or whoever else, as long as they know how to play.

Once you have made a team roster, your team will be allotted a division to play across the season persistently. The season will feature many weekly matches and tournaments. So, if you have what it takes to win, your team will qualify to become the ultimate pro-e-sports champions.


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