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The Destiny 2 franchise had a busy year with The Witch Queen expansion, and here is a glimpse of what happened till the Lightfall addition.

Bungie Inc. had a pretty packed schedule last year with the launch of The Witch Queen expansion. The game introduced a wild storyline with spectacular events, causing a strike at the solar system. Bungie revealed an interactive trailer that pretty much explains how the events in The Witch Queen will continue in the Lightfall expansion.

This interactive trailer gave me a recap of whatever happened last year in the Destiny 2 storyline and what to expect in the Lightfall. I think the trailer makes the story and understanding more prominent. But there is more to take, and The CPU Guide is here to give you an early glimpse of the storyline by breaking down the interactive trailer.

Key Takeaways from the Destiny 2 Interactive Trailer

In Destiny 2 Lightfall, we are the Guardians of the Neomuna city on planet Neptune. So before you play the game, know the storyline by understanding these key takeaways.


The interactive trailer gives us a glimpse of the Cabal Emperor Calus, who had gone wrong, and now he has pledged his loyalty to the Witness. Let’s look at the other sets of events that took place centuries ago till the Golden age of the human era.

What Happened Previously in Destiny 2?

In the final season of the ongoing Season of Seraph from Witch Queen Era, various turning points lead to a thrilling direction where Eramis gains control of the Warmind Satellites. In addition, Rasputin sacrificed himself to save humanity. And last but not least, the Traveler attempted to abandon our species before the Witness and his fleet of destructive pyramid ships ruled their wraith.

The Witness from Destiny 2 Lightfall

It’s up to us to save the powerful forces of the Witness, and the emperor went rogue Calus from causing chaos on planet Neptune. The game’s plot is set on a long destructive war against fearsome forces, and we hope to see more action in the upcoming expansions over the years.

What Coming in the Destiny 2 Lightfall?

The Destiny 2 Lightfall brings noticeable changes and fresh content on February 28th, 2023. The game is bringing a wide range of overhauls with the new expansion and the rest of the series, which are yet to release. Game developers Bungie aim to make Destiny 2 Lightfall more challenging and competitive than its predecessor, The Witch Queen.

Final Words

The Destiny 2 Lightfall is bringing an exciting new experience with a stretched storyline. I hope the game follows the same gameplay mechanics and proceed the storyline in a rather cinematic manner. The eighth expansion to Destiny 2: The Final Shape will continue the saga by 2024 with more exciting content.


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