PlayStation VR 2: Will it Work on PC?

On February 22, 2023, the PlayStation VR 2 will be the new and improved way to play virtual reality games. Players are aware that the PSVR 2 uses advanced technology, which will enhance the gaming experience and make game development easier. However, the PSVR 2 will only be available for use with the PlayStation 5, leaving some players curious about

whether it will also be compatible with PCs.

The question seems quite valid as the previous PSVR used to work on PC to play Steam games players had to install mods to use PSVR

But the answer to this question is NO as per The Verge testing, the PSVR 2 was found incompatible with PCs. The SteamVR software did not recognize it as a VR headset; instead, Windows recognized it as a secondary display and limited the resolution to 1080p. This is likely due to Sony’s encryption of the USB-C connection, which prevents it from being detected by PC systems. Furthermore, the PSVR 2 Sense Controllers aren’t compatible either.

Why Won’t Sony(Likely) Allow PSVR 2 to Work on PC?

The PSVR 2, like its predecessor, adds value to the PlayStation ecosystem, giving consumers another reason to choose it over the Xbox. While Microsoft offers Games Pass and backward compatibility, PlayStation is known for its strong first-party exclusives, and soon, it will have a VR system too. With the purchase of a PS5, high-end VR is just $550 away, while with the Xbox, a gaming PC would also need to be purchased.

Typically, consoles are sold at a low-profit margin, with profits being generated from services and the cut from game sales. If the PSVR 2 were to support SteamVR, Sony would be giving away a portion of their PSVR 2 software profits to Valve, without any significant benefit to themselves.


Although it’s not impossible, it’s unlikely that Sony will launch its own PC-based VR platform, as there are hardware considerations that make it difficult. The PSVR 2 uses a single cable for both video and tracking data over USB-C, so supporting PC VR would require at least an adapter. Additionally, it would be necessary to port the tracking system and get the core rendering technology to work with Windows, which took Oculus and Valve years to accomplish. Furthermore, supporting a wide range of PC hardware would also pose a challenge.

Players may be hopeful for a mod that will allow the PSVR 2 to be used on a PC in the future, but it’s uncertain if and when such a mod will be developed. For now, players will have to wait patiently.


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