Roblox Error Code 517: What Does it Mean and How to Fix it!

Roblox is known to be as famous as Minecraft which also makes it errors more common and frequent due to an excessive number of players. The Error 517 Roblox commonly occurs due to connectivity issues and here are the two most common reasons for it.

Roblox Error Code 517 is displayed when a client attempts to join a server that is in the process of closing, OR when a player attempts to rejoin a server before Roblox disconnects them from their previous visit (ID 17/279 may happen too).

This error can also occur if the player tries to join the same server they got disconnected from, and this error can also pop up when you uninstall Roblox while you are inside of a game.

Both these error messages are some of the most common Roblox Error codes faced by players. Try not to stress, Because error code 517 ROBLOX can be fixed easily. Here we have written a detailed setp-by-step guide on how to fix Error Code 517 Roblox by following a few easy methods.

Why Does Roblox Error Code 517 Happen

Reasons for common causes of 517 error code on Roblox

  1. If somehow the server was shut down in midgame, You will be killed by mistake
  2. Trying to reconnect to the disconnected server
  3. Bad internet
  4. Incomplete Roblox installation
  5. Bugs

What is Roblox Error Code 517 on Roblox?

The Roblox Error Code 517 is a Roblox Join Error that appears when a player tries to join a game that will be deleted shortly,


If you try to join the same server that you lost contact with, you will encounter Roblox error code 517.

This is a simple yet complicated Server Join Error.

What causes Error Code 517 on Roblox?

There are several reasons for 517 error code, and players also ask: what is meant by error code 517 in Roblox?

The troubling part is that the Roblox error is usually the result of bugs and disconnections.

The most informative tech issue for gamers, as soon as someone joins the game, the Error Code 517 Roblox kicks out of the game. Once this happens, the player is stopped from participating in the session and is locked up.

Reasons Behind Roblox Error Code 517

There are many reasons for Roblox Error Code 517, Some of them are mentioned below, let’s check each of them:

1. Server Issues

Most of the time error 517 on Roblox are due to server issues. Either the server was disconnected while playing a game, or you failed to join a game.

2. Corrupt Game Files

Game files can sometimes be corrupted after a system update or when something goes wrong with them. Sometimes, malware or viruses can also damage game files. In some remote cases, the files may be modified by third-party applications.

3. Game Bugs

No game is perfect and sometimes, bugs are nowhere to be found. If you haven’t changed anything on your computer, such as adding or installing a new program or updating something, your problem may be due to a random error.

Video Guide: Roblox Error Code 517 – How to Fix Join Error EASILY?

How to Fix Roblox Error Code 517?

This error is very easy to fix, below is a list of solutions you can try if your computer keeps displaying the Roblox error 517. So just follow through and you should have an error-free system.

Solution 1: Reset Browser and Clear Cache & Cookies

Resetting the browser is the same as cleaning the system to get rid of bugs and similar things. This may work beyond just fixing the Roblox Error in your system.

Here’s how you can reset your browser:

  1. Close the Roblox gaming account.
  2. Open Google Chrome settings.
  3. Go to options and select advance
    Google advanced Setting for Roblox error code 517 Roblox Error Code 517 , error code 517 roblox, roblox error 517, error 517 roblox
  4. Scroll down and find Reset and Clean up.
    Cleaning Up Files from Browser
  5. Now click Reset settings to their original defaults.
    Clearing Cache to Fix Roblox Error
  6. Click Reset Settings.

Restart the browser to make sure the settings are reset to the default factory settings. The most recommended browsers when playing Roblox are Chrome and Firefox.

Solution 2: Check your Internet Connection

Another problem that causes Roblox error 517 is an annoying internet connection. Check your Wi-Fi and Internet connection. Here are some quick checks you can do to cut off the problem.

  1. First, check to see if you are losing the packet,
  2. Do a speed test, if your speed is low you need to fix it.
  3. Try refreshing your internet by pressing the reset button on your router.
  4. Switch to ethernet from Wi-Fi and try again. (recommended).

Throughout this process, keep trying to play Roblox. If so, you know where the problem is. Similarly, if you are still having trouble, try other solutions.

Solution 3: Reset and Troubleshoot your internet / Wi-Fi

Here is how you can reset your internet connection:
  1. Restart your router.
  2. You need to turn off the router,
  3. Unplug the power source and wait 30 seconds.
  4. Reconnect everything and let the router boot normally.

Once the connection is restored, try playing the game again to see if it works. If you are still facing the error code 517 Roblox proceed to the next solution.

Solution 4: Verify Server Status

Visit the official Roblox website to get the information Because the Roblox 517 error is usually associated with a server.

Roblox Verify server status for Roblox error code 517 Roblox Error Code 517 , error code 517 roblox, roblox error 517, error 517 roblox
Roblox Verify server status. Roblox Error Code 517 , error code 517 roblox, roblox error 517, error 517 roblox

After checking the server status now proceed to the next solution to Fix error code 517 Roblox.

Solution 5: Try playing with a different device

The Roblox 517 error is not caused by the game. If you have the same problem, try logging in with someone else. Also, switch platforms.

If the error is detected on a laptop, then switch to an Xbox. If you are playing with a PC, you can try a different browser. associated with a server

Solution 6: Fix Roblox Error Code 517 on Mobile Device

If you play Roblox on a mobile device then, sometimes you are facing Roblox Error Code 517, you should also update your game app. and you must have high spec mobile to avoid these crashes.

Here is another easy way to fix Roblox Error Code 517 on the Mobile device:

  1. Click on Roblox App
  2. Select Application Details
  3. Go to Storage & cache
  4. Click on Clear Storage and Clear cache


  1. Create another ID
  2. Change the server
  3. Turn off Mobile VPN
  4. Reset game settings
  5. Clear game storage & Cache

Solution 7: Check Roblox account is banned or Not

To check if you have a problem with the account you are using, try logging in to another device. If another account encounters the same error in the same account

You may need to contact the game developer to confirm whether or not your account has been blocked.

Roblox contact us form for Roblox error code 517 Roblox Error Code 517 , error code 517 roblox, roblox error 517, error 517 roblox

Solution 8: Uninstall and then Reinstall the Roblox Game

The most common cause of Roblox Error Code 517 is missing files. In some cases, the installation of Roblox is not complete.

Therefore, the game automatically kicks you because some assets and resources are not available.

Fixing it is not a big deal. All you have to do is uninstall Roblox, clear the temporary files, and then reinstall it.

This solution is only for those gamers who are using the application on Windows 10, Xbox, and mobile devices.

  1. Press Window + I to open the Settings page
  2. Go to Apps and Features
  3. Find the Roblox game app in the list
    Uninstalling Roblox on PC
  4. Click on it and go to Uninstall
  5. After completing the uninstalling process
  6. Go to Microsoft Windows 10 Store
Downloading Roblox to fix Error 517

and download the Roblox again.


Try to use all the above-given solutions to solve the problem. After applying each solution, tell us in the comment which solution will help you in solving the problem. If you want to know more about Roblox Lets us know in the comments section down below.


How do I fix Error 517?

Script For Roblox2

Here is how you can fix Roblox error code 517 follow the solutions mentioned down below:
1. Reset Browser and Clear Cache & Cookies
2. Check your Internet Connection
3. Reset and troubleshoot your internet
4. Verify Server Status
5. Try playing with a different device

What is error code 517 on Roblox?


The Roblox error code 517 occurred due to the missing files in the Roblox game. This error can also occur if the player tries to join the same server and they got disconnected from it, and this error can also pop up when you uninstall Roblox while you are inside of a game.

What is the Roblox error code for getting banned?

screen shot 2775 Copy

When you get banned temporarily on the Roblox you will get a Roblox error code 267. This error comes when you play unfairly or or trying to hack the game.

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