PS4 Controller Not Charging

PS4 Controller Not Charging? Whenever you plug in your USB charging cable into your controller, the light on the front doesn’t show up?

How do I know my ps4 controller is charging?

When you press and hold the PS button the charge level of the battery appears on your screen and the light turns to orange while charging.

So you would be thinking

Why does my ps4 controller not charge?

It could be due to a faulty charging USB cable and if your USB is working fine then there could be a problem in the USB port of the PS4.

What do you do if your ps4 controller won’t charge?

You really don’t need to be frustrated because the answer to your question lies below in this article.

Solution 1: Reset Your PS4 Controller

PS4 controller not charging is caused mostly due to malfunctioning of the controller itself.

And resetting has been helpful to many users.

So let’s configure your controller:

  1. Make sure you have disconnected the controller from the console or nay charging port.
  2. Now you will see a small hole under the L2 button at the back of your controller which will be your reset button.
  3. Put a needle or toothpick into the reset hole.
  4. Press the button and hold on to it for a few seconds and release.
  5. Your controller would restart and check if the PS4 controller not charging is solved.

Solution 2: Charge Your PS4 controller Upside Down

You will be thinking isn’t it weird?

But trust me Just put your PS4 controller upside down.

As it has helped a lot of users solve the PS4 controller unable to charge issue.

Solution 3: Check PS4 Controller Charging Cable

IF the above solution didn’t work for you then this might be it.

PS4 controller not charging may be due to your faulty charging USB cable.

Just follow the step to check If your USB charging cable is faulty or not:

  1. Try charging another controller from the same USB charging cable.
  2. If your controller does charge which means you got a problem on your cable end so skip the next steps and follow the coming up solution.
  3. And if it does not charge the other controller then you got a faulty cable.
  4. As a result, you have to buy a new one and make sure it is original if you want to fix PS4 controller not charging.

Solution 4: Check PS4 Controller Charging Port

IF your USB cable is working fine then there’s a problem with your controller charging port.

To fix PS4 controller not charging you need to do is:

  1. Repeat step 1 and 2 from the above solution 3.
  2. Then you need to replace the charging port with a new one.
  3. And you can get this from PlayStation official website.

Solution 5: Replace Your PS4 Controller Batteries

So this is the maximum limit we can go to solve PS4 controller not charging.

Batteries have a specific life which decreases depending on how much you use your controller.

So your controller batteries might have worn out due to excessive use

And all you need to do is replace them with a new one, which you can do by watching a video tutorial.


Do let me know which solution best worked for you in the comment section.

And feel free to ask any questions.


PS4 Controller Not Charging
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