Sony PlayStation’s New God of War Video Game Planned for November

The long-awaited game is now getting a release date!

Sony’s PlayStation most awaited game God Of War: Ragnarok, the ninth installment in the God Of War series, is expected to be launched in November this year.

gow 3

Its trailer was shown in 2018 and after that


It vanished!

Then after some time, we heard rumors that this game is not coming before 2023. Now according to Bloomsberg, this game is expected to be launched this November. The release date is expected to be announced in June. This news is still not confirmed officially.

Although, we still have doubt that it can get delayed again.

But for now, Let’s just think positive!

gow 2

In the game’s storyline, Kratos will be back with his son “Atreus” to Midgard, albeit. As described by the Sony Santa Monica, this game will be the “finale” for Kratos’ Norse Saga. The Kratos and Atreus will face two antagonists, Freya and Thor.

In the game’s trailer, it was shown that Atreus’s, who has grown into a stronger warrior, real name is “Loki“, I think there might be a reason behind showing his real name in the trailer. And a showdown between Kratos and Thor is also shown. In this game, the journey to safe Tire will also begin.

Are you excited about this? because I am very much!

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