Hogwarts Legacy: Open the Main Gate to Falbarton Castle in Easy Steps

Do you require assistance in opening the main gate of Falbarton Castle, which you visit during the main quest, The High Keep? This guide for Hogwarts Legacy provides a comprehensive explanation of how to open the main gate, enabling you to reveal the evil plans of Rookwood and Karlow.

Opening the Main Gates

Just follow these easy steps to reveal the evil plans:

  1. Once you have finished speaking with Natty, proceed straight ahead and to the right to ascend the battlements
  2. Hit the mechanism on the left with Depulso, then use Wingardium Leviosa to move the crate inside to the right and then Levioso it, climb on top, and climb again to reach the upper rampart
    open the gate
  3. Hit the wooden boards to create an opening for a crawlspace.
  4. However, prior to crawling through it, go around to the right side and use Accio through the window on the crate located in the adjacent room. Once done, return to the crawlspace and proceed through it
    drag the wood hogwarts legacy
  5. After going inside, repeatedly hit the gate mechanism with Depulso. Then, cast Accio on the ring attached to the wall to prevent the gate from closing entirely
    pulling the ring from the wall
  6. Go with Natty to the gate and observe the ensuing cutscene where Highwing the hippogriff attempts to break free while being attacked by dark wizards casting spells
    go with natty hogwarts legacy

So, that’s it

Hope you found this guide helpful and do let us know in the comments section about your experience opening the Gates


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