Atomic Heart Will Not Support Ray Tracing on Consoles

Atomic Heart is only a few weeks away, and the game developers have revealed that it will not support ray tracing on new-gen consoles.

Atomic Heart is bringing a whole new first-person shooter experience with the modern-day Soviet Union featuring the AI revolution. The first look at the gameplay trailer reveals some promising graphics with amazing combat mechanics.

As far as I know, Atomic Heart will bring ray tracing reflections, shadows, ambient occlusion, and global illumination by compiling the massive hardware on a PC using Nvidia DLSS3 cutting-edge technology. But will the game support ray-tracing and fluent graphics experience on consoles?

Well, in a recent interview with Wccftech, Mundfish founder and director revealed that the console version of Atomic Heart will not support ray tracing. However, the optimization experience will be promising, and I think that’s the probable reason why the game is not discussing ray tracing on consoles.

But there is more to it, and The CPU Guide is here to mention some probable reasons why Atomic Heart is not going to support ray tracing on Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Reason #1: Proper Optimization

The Mundfish founder and Atomic Heart director revealed an update on how the game will look on new-gen consoles and PC. While interviewing, he stated that a PC is undoubtedly capable of running the game with high-quality graphics and a better frame rate since we have better GPU support on a PC.

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On the other hand, consoles will not support ray tracing for now as they are working to bring the best visual experience with better optimization. In conclusion, we won’t experience screen tearing, shattered graphics, or FPS drops while playing Atomic Heart on Xbox and PlayStation.

Reason #2: Single Graphics Preset

The game director Robert Bagratuni also revealed that the Gen9 graphics preset is balanced. Thus the gameplay visual on consoles will look the same or close enough to a high-end PC in terms of quality. 

The game will come with a single graphics preset for the current-gen consoles. Therefore, the Atomic Heart will deliver 4K resolution @ 60fps for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, while the Xbox Series S version of the game will provide Full HD 1080p resolution @ 60fps.

How does Atomic Heart look on Old-Gen Consoles?

Regarding the gameplay optimization for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, I think they’ll probably scale down the frame rates and lower the resolution. However, there is no concrete revelation for that till the final release. Moreover, there are specific options like FoV (field of view), which is not yet included in the game to set as it is already optimized for a wide FoV on console and PC.

Final Words

I have come across several gameplays of Atomic Heart, and like many previous games released earlier in 2023, there are some significant concerns when it comes to graphics and optimization. I hope Mundfish delivers what they claim in the interview, as the game seems to offer fresh storyline and unique gameplay from the looks of the preview and gameplay trailer.


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