Mastering EA Sports FC 24: Tips for a Successful Kickoff in the New Football Simulator

EA Sports FC 24 is out now – a new football simulator from Electronic Arts, replacing the FIFA series. We spent a lot of time on it and prepared tips that will help you quickly get used to the new version of the main sports game of this year.

Gaming EA Sports FC 24

Try Boosting in EA Sports FC 24

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Choose the Gameplay for Yourself

This may seem obvious, but gameplay settings play a very important role in EA Sports FC 24. Note the semi-automatic through-pass and cross options, while the rest can be left on automatic. As for defence, we recommend sticking with Tactical Defense at first, and if it seems insufficient, you can switch to the Advanced Tackling Scheme.

Make 60 FPS in the Main Menu on the PC

EA’s new football simulator has been suffering from the same problem for years now – the main menu runs at 30 frames per second, so it feels slow and completely unsmooth. To correct this misunderstanding, you need to enable forced vertical synchronization in the settings of your video card.

For NVIDIA chips, you need to press RMB on the desktop, select NVIDIA Control Panel, and open the Manage 3D Settings tab. Next, select the software settings, select EA Sports FC 24, and turn on the vertical sync pulse, after which we apply the settings. On AMD video cards the setup scheme is similar.

Defend Your Side of the Field

In EA Sports FC 24, the developers have seriously weakened the defenders, so automatic selection has become even more rare than in FIFA 23. Try to use the best defenders in your team.

The new product focuses even more on positional warfare, closing dangerous areas and reading the opponent’s future movements. Do not forget to use the function of selecting the nearest player using the R2/RT button. With its help, the bot can rush into the tackle while you are covering his teammate with another defender.

Unexpected Goals

Players have just started looking for the easiest ways to score a goal in EA Sports FC 24, but some conclusions have already been drawn. Thus, a typical run along the flank and a pass to the centre under attack is no longer so effective but crosses to tall attackers have become much more likely to lead to a goal scored.

In addition, accurate through balls from skilled players and powerful mid-range shots have become much more dangerous, but there are also some very strange goals due to goalkeeper errors. Therefore, try a variety of tactics and constantly experiment.

Career: Moving to The Desired Team

In the player’s career, a choice of the desired team has appeared, which the player’s agent will contact. The fact is that to move to a new club; an athlete must fulfil a number of requirements – they differ depending on the team’s playing style.

EA Sports FC 24 itself does not explain this, but to transfer, you must complete all three mandatory tasks. If even one indicator is below the norm, the player will be denied negotiations with the club and will only be able to try again at the end of the next season.

Career: Shop More Often to Get New Styles

To upgrade your football player’s career, you use not only the usual characteristics in the style of speed and impact but also the individuality indicators of the Loner, the Core, and the Maestro. In the new part of Footsim, they are used to obtain new Game Styles – special perks that give an advantage on the football field.

To obtain them, you need to earn personality points, which can be obtained after matches and by making purchases in a separate menu. Don’t forget to also give comments to the press from time to time, getting those very individual points.

In Ultimate Team, be Sure to Use Upgrades for Football Players

Upgrading Team in EA Sports FC 24

The new Ultimate Team has a very useful option – levelling up players. For the first time, gamers can improve a virtual football player to an acceptable level without much effort: they need to select him in the Development tab, find out how useful his card can be, and then complete (or win) several matches.

Some players become incredibly powerful compared to other cards after just a couple of levels of pumping, so even simple starting compositions can be turned into competitive compositions. Moreover, to improve athletes, it is enough to complete very simple tasks.

Ultimate Team: Consider Female Players When Assembling Your Rosters

Female Football Players in EA Sports FC 24

This year, female soccer players appeared in the Ultimate Team, seriously diversifying the lineup of gamers. In addition to the fact that girls are very agile and have similar characteristics to men, they are also able to push away their more massive opponents in one-on-one duels.

Therefore, when designing your squad, do not ignore female football players – consider them at least for flank positions. At the same time, it is better not to use girls in the position of goalkeeper and central defender. Otherwise, you risk losing the fight in the air and missing long-range shots.


These are general tips on EA Sports FC 24 that can help you succeed in the game. Of course, you need to play a lot on your own to find the most convenient tactics for your game and assemble your team of cool football players. Then your dream team will win in any matches.


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