A Detailed Review of its Features and Applications

Image to text converters have become super useful in this era of digitization. Their main purpose is to quickly extract text from image/s online. They are super handy for users and help in quick and accurate digitization or transcription of text. In contrast to manual digitization, it is much quicker and more accurate. 

In today’s article, we will discuss a top-notch tool that assists us in textual digitization. The name of this tool is and it is powered by cutting-edge AI technology. We will discuss this image to text converter in detail focusing on its working, features, and applications. 

So without further delay, let’s dig it!

What is the Purpose of is an AI tool with advanced OCR technology that helps the gadget scan and extract text from image/s online. It is a great tool to convert images to text quickly. The processing time is just a few seconds, so it is 100 times faster than humans. The main purpose of this tool is to convert image to text and make text transcription easier and quicker for humans.

What do You Need to Know About its Working? is a great tool to convert image to text. It has a simple interface with a straightforward procedure. Let’s talk about its working below:

1. Take the Picture:

Convert all the documents into pictures by simply taking their picture through your smartphone camera.

2. Open the Website:

Open the image to text converter by visiting the website:

image to text converter

3. Upload the Images:

Upload the images on the image to text converter by using the following methods:

  1. Copy and paste the image
  2. Drag and drop the image 
  3. Browse and upload the image from your computer
image to text conversion process

4. Extract the Text:

To extract the text from images, click on the “Get Text” button and wait for just a couple of seconds. 

Extracting text from image to text extractor

5. Copy and Save:

The text from each image will appear in a different dialogue box, copy the text and paste it into the required database. 

photo to text converter

What are the Highlighting Features of

Now that the purpose and working of the image to text converter is clear, let’s talk about its highlighting features that distinguish it from its contemporaries. Here are some features:

1. Advanced AI Development:

This picture to text converter is developed using advanced AI OCR technology and provides the best results in text extraction from images. The AI OCR technology ensures quick and accurate text digitization. 

2. Batch Processing:

This picture to text converter can copy text from different images at a time i.e. batch processing. This ability allows the user to get more text digitized in less amount of time. 

Copying text from image to text converter

3. Multiple Languages:

This picture to text converter is able to copy text from image/s in different languages like Russian, English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, etc. 

Arabic Text extraction

4. Handwritten Text:

This photo to text converter online can copy text from image with handwritten notes in them. It is an advanced AI model that can even detect handwritten text with variable writing styles with precision. 

Korean Text extraction

5. Distorted Text: 

The photo to text converter online can also copy text from image/s with low-resolution or distorted views. The distorted images contain text that is not readable and harder to accurately extract using an OCR tool but this is not the case with It can accurately and swiftly extract text from blurry images. 

Blurry Text extraction

6. Format support:

This photo to text converter online accepts various image formats including GIF, PNG, JPEg, JPG, etc. 

7. Scalability: 

This photo to text converter online has scalability in it meaning it can extract text from different-sized images.

8. Free of Cost:

This photo to text converter online offers its services for free. There is no limit to using this gadget, you can use it as many times as you like for free. 

These were the most common features of the image to text converter that distinguishes it from other tools. 

What are the Applications of

This picture to text converter has many applications which are described below:

1. Journalism:

It has wide applications in the field of journalism. Both journalists and reporters use it to digitize their notes, press releases, interviews, documents, etc. to use them in their reports and articles.

2. Law Firms:

Lawyers always have large amounts of data in the form of printed documents that must be kept safe. Image to text converter helps them quickly digitize and save that information into their pc. 

3. Hospitals:

Believe it or not, hospitals have large amounts of physical information like prescriptions, medical reports and history, and hospital bills that need to be digitized which is effectively done by image to text converter. 

4. Offices:

The offices are the place with many documents and files that need to be stored in the database. is super helpful for office workers who can use it for quick and accurate digitization of information. 

5. Editorial Offices:

In the editorial offices, it is used for making e-books of the physical text which would otherwise be done by data entry clerks. 

6. Schools:

It is used by professors and students to digitize notes, books, research papers, articles, etc. This tool makes digitization easier for teachers and students and saves a lot of time for them. 


In a nutshell, is the best tool on the internet for textual digitization of the text. It helps to quickly and accurately copy text from image/s online for free. It offers various features that are not present in its contemporaries. It has countless applications as you all know this is the digital age which requires us to digitize all the information. Because computer is the medium of storage and communication these days. 

If you have been tired of manual digitization of text, try today! 


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