Forspoken Demo Players’ feedback leads to Development Changes

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Forspoken Demo Players' feedback leads to Development Changes

Following the feedback received from the PS5 demo, Luminous Productions has revealed that they will be making changes to Forspoken.

The demo version of Forspoken is currently accessible on PS5, and it has attracted a significant number of players. They’ve been providing feedback to the development team after trying out the game, which was deemed to be constructive and beneficial for the developers.

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Forspoken Demo Players' feedback leads to Development Changes

The devs have said that:

We are actually listening to all of the feedback that the players have given them after playing the game. We promise to make a lot of improvements when the full game launches later on

Some of the improvements include the text size will be increased, button mapping will be improved, and the HDR issues will be fixed that some players experienced in the demo.

So, let’s hope that the full game will be greater in performance and free from errors.