Get a glimpse of Frey – FORSPOKEN New Cinematic Trailer

The highly-anticipated magical parkour action RPG, Forspoken, developed by Square Enix and Luminous Productions, is set to be released on January 24th for PS5 and PC.

To keep excitement building, a new cinematic trailer has been released featuring the main character, Frey, as she traverses both the fantasy world of Athia and her real-world hometown of New York.

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The trailer can be viewed below:

Forspoken centers around the character Frey, who is transported to the mesmerizing but harsh realm of Athia. In her quest to return home, Frey harnesses her newly acquired magical powers to navigate picturesque terrains and fight formidable beasts. The game showcases the stunningly rendered and fantastical world of Athia, through cutting-edge graphics and technology.

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A free demo of Forspoken, which allows players to experience the game’s combat and parkour mechanics within a standalone setting, is available for download on the PlayStation Store for PS5 users. You can access the demo from PlayStation Store.


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