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Are you struggling to pre-order Fire Emblem Engage to get your firsthand bonus items? Check out this article to find the best deals and sources.

For genuine fans of the Fire Emblem Series, collecting all these additional items must be worth a while, even though it does not affect the gameplay. Just like the game is Nintendo Switch exclusive, the pre-order bonuses are also pretty limited.

The game comes in two different editions.

Each edition will get its separate bonus items, making it even more challenging for players to pre-order the game due to higher demands.

Moreover, depending on the game’s availability, you will find a separate pre-order bonus from each store. The CPU Guide brings you the latest news and restocks updates of Fire Emblem Engage pre-order bonuses.

Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition Pre-Order Bonus

The Divine Edition of Fire Emblem Engage is the most popular one for pre-orders due to its limited-edition package, which includes the following items:

  • Full Game
  • A SteelBook case
  • Art Cards
  • A softcover artbook
  • A1-size poster
Fire Emblem Engage Pre-order Bonus Package

Where to Pre-Order Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition?

eBay is the only place I could find the Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition for over $150, which is 50% more expensive than the original pre-order price.

I extended my research by keeping track of all major stores, including Amazon and BestBuy. Unfortunately, the Divine Edition is sold out, and there are no chances of restocking before the final release.

Freak Out Reaction GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Fans worldwide are freaking out as the Divide Edition of the game is going out of stock in every store. I found the same situation happening two months ago when the fans discussed possible restocking before the final release.

The Divine Edition went out of stock right after it became available for pre-order. However, you can still pre-order the standard Edition of Fire Emblem Engage, which comes with its bonus items package.

Fire Emblem Engage Standard Edition Pre-Order Bonus

The Standard Edition of the game has some exciting bonus items, depending on the store you are purchasing the game from. If you buy Fire Emblem Engage from the Nintendo Store UK, you’ll get a pin and an A2-sized poster, as shown in the image below.

Bonus Items with Fire Emblem Standard Edition Pre-Order

Now, if you wish to pre-order the game from GameStop US, you can get the Tarot Card Deck, which includes 12 cards, as shown in the image below. It is not a full deck, but only a few faces of Fire Emblem characters imprinted on cards, and that’s all.

Pre-Order Bonus Tarot Card Deck with Fire Emblem Standard Edition

Where to Pre-Order Fire Emblem Engage Standard Edition in the US?

GameStop is the only place to get the pre-order bonus items with Fire Emblem Standard Edition for $59.99. The other stores like BestBuy or PlayAsia may offer the game-only of standard edition without the Tarot Card Deck.

Where to Pre-Order Fire Emblem Engage Standard Edition in the UK?

My Nintendo Store UK is the best option for players residing in the UK, as the store offers both a pin and a poster with a pre-order bonus of £49.99.

If you’re looking to save more, I’ve found the Fire Emblem Engage Standard Edition from ShopTo just for £39.85, with the badge pin as the bonus content. Other stores like Hit can save you £7.14 on pre-orders for £42.85, and SmythsToys costs £49.99 for the game-only version.

Is it Worth to Pre-order Fire Emblem Engage?

Keep in mind that pre-order bonuses included with each edition of the Fire Emblem Engage game are physical only, and no digital in-game content is included with the pre-order purchases.

So, if you are a gamer like me who is more focused on the gameplay rather than collecting action figures and rare items, I suggest it is not worth pre-order the game. However, the surge or drop in the price after the release is still uncertain.

In conclusion, whether you pre-order the game or buy it after the official worldwide release on 20th January 2023, the in-game experience will be the same for everyone.

Only a few days are left for the biggest gaming release in 2023. The Fire Emblem fans are struggling to get their hands on the pre-order to get their hands on the exclusive goodies, but there are no signs of restocking until the official release.


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