Fire Emblem Engage Release | Everything You Need to Know

A new Fire Emblem is on its way to release with fan-favorite characters from the past. Here is everything you need to know about Fire Emblem Engage.

The Fire Emblem has a series of games in its franchise, entertaining fans since the 1990s. However, it’s a real treat for fans: Nintendo keeps no secrets about their upcoming gaming with their release dates.

The upcoming game in the series is Fire Emblem Engage and will be released on 20th January 2023 for Nintendo Switch. The game developers Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are expected to bring the fifth release of the series to consoles.

However, until the publishers hit a newer fan base by securing the console platform, they have engaged their previous audience (that’s what the name says) with exciting news and offers. In this article, The CPU Guide brings you the latest updates on pre-order bonuses, release dates, and gameplay details about Fire Emblem Engage.

When Will the Fire Emblem Engage be Released?

The Fire Emblem Engage will be adding up as the latest game in the series on 20th January 2023. Perhaps there is not much time left for the pre-order, but it’s still sooner than the release date. The game is expected to be among the year’s first and most significant releases.

What Platforms Will Support Fire Emblem Engage?

Unfortunately, the Fire Emblem Engage will not be included in the upcoming games for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Publishers of Fire Emblem Engage make it obvious that the game is exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

The game is only playable on hybrid consoles by Nintendo. It’s the same exclusivity shared by the previous games in the Fire Emblem series.

How to Pre-Order Fire Emblem Engage

Even though the time window is very narrow, the game is available for pre-order at physical retailers and the Nintendo online Shop for $60. If you’re looking to get your hands on the game’s Fire Emblem Divide Edition, you’ll have to pre-order at $100, which is available as a physical copy only.

What’s Included With the Standard and Divine Edition?

The standard edition of Fire Emblem Engage is available online and in physical stores and also comes with a fire Emblem Pin badge. The Divine Edition is worth its price, which comes with SteelBook, art cards, a poster, and Artbook included in the package.

Fire Emblem Engage Storyline

Before we talk about the gameplay, let’s get into the game’s storyline first. Now Fire Emblem has been around for a couple of decades, which means they have released a lengthy series of games.

To keep the audience engaged, Nintendo is ready to offer a unique storyline similar to many anthology RPG series. Even though the storyline doesn’t proceed from game to game, each release brings something new with the common traits of the previous versions.

Blast from the Past

The fire Emblem Engage storyline continues 1000 years after the cooperation of four kingdoms with each other. A similar type of cooperation is incorporated with the other worlds’ heroes to lock away the Fell Dragon on Elyos continent. These heroes are the warriors who have appeared in past Fire Emblem games.

Main Character

As the mystical beast prepares to rise again, our character is responsible for gathering heroes from the other realms to defeat the dragon again. The character’s name is Alear, and they can be played as a male or female character to keep things balanced for the players, which is pretty common for all the playable characters in Fire Emblem Games.

Save the Realm

Using the powers of the Emblem ring, Alear (you) can summon heroes from other worlds like Sigurd, Marth, Celica, and more. By gathering these heroes, you can inherit their weapons and skills, all connected with the older games in the Fire Emblem Series.

To summarize the Fire Emblem storyline, players will be on a mission to collect Emblem rings to bring peace back to the realm with a team of heroes from different worlds.

Fire Emblem Engage Gameplay

The gameplay is based on a similar concept of combat with a wide range of options to customize your original character as you like.

Weapon Triangle is Back!

The Fire Emblem Engage brings back the classic Weapon triangle with class-based options with dedicated weapon types. Upgrade your class to upgrade the weapons by gaining new specializations.

Weapon Triangle in Fire Emblem Engage

The rock-paper-scissors concept of weapon advantages is derived from the Fire Emblem Three House, which brings a real treat for fans to experience the classic gameplay.

Square-Based Grid Combats

Based on the revelations from the trailer and the gameplay glimpses, the Fire Emblem Engage will include a square-based grid for tactical combats.

Therefore, positioning is the primary key, as the game will award you bonuses based on units battling alongside. However, you may have to develop a special friendship bond in the non-combat scenarios to push this synergy.

Weapon Swapping With Heroes in Fire Emblem Engage

The game has added a twist of swapping weapons and abilities with your blended hero to unlock new tactical possibilities in combat. It’s a cool addition for players to explore and learn which fusion of heroes brings the best in challenging battles.

Non-Combat Storyline

While the game involves a lot of tactical action, it’s not always about combats and battles in the Fire Emblem Engage. The game also features non-combat scenarios in the storyline called the Somniel.

Free-roam in Fire Emblem Engage

The game allows you to free-roam for some me-time socializing with the characters from past Fire Emblem games, visiting shops, and handling various party arrangements in terms of management. An expected addition to the game is the romance factor, which is yet to be discovered.

We expect the Fire Emblem Engage to be a perfect balance of an enjoyable storyline and adventurous quest-like combat game like those experienced in the Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Even though Nintendo revealed a lot of factors through the trailer and release announcements, we still expect the franchise to surprise fans in an exciting way.

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