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Call of Duty: Warzone, tips, and tricks to win in Malloppo

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Warzone continues to enjoy great success in the FPS PvP gaming segment. With an active daily player count of over a million, is it any wonder that this game continues to top the charts? With so many gaming modes with different objectives, it would be impossible for a gamer to get bored with this offering. And one such mode is Malloppo.

Malloppo is a bit of an unknown gaming mode in Call of Duty: Warzone, which is surprising on its own as it has been present in the game since day one.

There is also the fact that it could be a confusing experience for players, even with the Warzone hacks. This is also a reason why Call of Duty: Warzone players tend to shy away from Malloppo. But not anymore. Here are pro tips to not just perform well in Malloppo but win your round.

Remember the Objective

Understanding the objective of this mode is essential, and this is where precisely many of the players make a mistake. The game’s objective is not to kill as many opponents in the round.

It is also not about staying alive till the end, as the players can respawn as often as they want. No, the objective of Malloppo is to earn money, and as much as possible. And that is the gist of the mode that many players fail to understand.

However, trying to keep yourself alive will undoubtedly help you, as with every respawn, you lose money, which certainly would not assist you in claiming the win.

Call of Duty: Warzone, tips, and tricks to win in Malloppo

Cut the parachute to drop faster

You can cut the parachute to make your drop a bit faster than your opponents. It might seem like no-brainer advice, but you would be surprised how massive the difference could be.

Naturally, you would want to drop to your target as quickly as possible and get an advantage over your enemies, and cutting your parachute can help you do that. However, you must also remember to reopen it before you hit the ground; otherwise, you would be squashed to death.

Call of Duty: Warzone, tips, and tricks to win in Malloppo

Land near weapon crates

Equipping your character should be the number priority as soon as you start the round. And if that means you have to skip your favorite drop zone to land near some weapon crates, then so be it. It does not matter the weapon and gear you get in the first couple of minutes; anything is better than having nothing in your possession when up against an enemy.

So, it is essential that you drop near weapons crates even to have a remote chance of being victorious in the end.

Call of Duty: Warzone, tips, and tricks to win in Malloppo

Avoid fights until you have decent armor

We have already mentioned earlier that staying away from combats and ensuring that you are not repeatedly downed is a smart strategy. It is something you must follow to the letter until you get your hands on decent armor for your character. After you have equipped a high-level armor, you can start to take some risks, though keep your character’s safety the number one priority.

Loot one area before moving on to next

Yes, this tip is as straightforward as one can be. Since the objective of the match is to collect money, you need to place emphasis on looting than taking enemy players out. Sure, taking out opponents helps you indirectly as they would lose a chunk of their money, but it is also risky. So, focus on looting the map. Also, it would be best if you do not move to a new, unfamiliar location without looting everything in your vicinity.

Call of Duty: Warzone, tips, and tricks to win in Malloppo

Be careful while reviving your teammates

You must be extremely careful when reviving a downed teammate in Malloppo. It takes about six seconds to revive a player, which is an astronomical number in such a fast-paced game. You would be at a massive disadvantage while performing such activity.

You need to make sure that no enemy player is nearby, waiting for you to let your guard down to take you out. It would be smart to move to a safer location before starting on the revive if it is possible. Experienced players would not hesitate for a second before taking advantage of such a situation.

If you are looking for the best tips and tricks to win in Malloppo, then this guide is extremely useful. Now, follow all the tips and improve your gameplay. 

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