Apple Watch Pro Getting a New Feature -But When

The latest Apple Watch Pro is just a week away but according to Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, not only the iPhone 14 but Apple Watch Pro will also get the Satellite feature.

Apple suggested this feature previously for iPhone 13 series but according to the rumors this function may be available for the latest iPhone 14 series and the watch that is going to be released on September 7th

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Gurman also said that

Ultimately, users could have global internet access and be able to make regular phone calls over satellite links. The combination of speedy 5G networks and satellite service could one day turn the iPhone into the most powerful global communications device available.

Apart from the Satellite features, there are also other features that the new Apple Watch Pro is expected to add such as support for body temperature measurements.

It won’t show you the exact measurements of your body temperature, but rather it would send you an alert when it detected that your temperature is elevated. Then, you could take your temperature using a traditional thermometer.

Although it’s just a rumor by Gurman everything will be revealed at the Apple event on 7th September 2022

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