The Link Between Gaming, Intelligence & Academic Performance

We often hear about the negative impact of video games: cruelty, escape from reality, addiction, and many other scary words. Without thoughtful analysis, one cannot deny the studies that prove the connection between the rise in crime and the rise in the popularity of video games.

Instead of arguing, it is better to look at the situation from a different angle. For years now, scientists have been trying to prove that video games can be beneficial.

What exactly?

Games affect purposefulness, thinking, emotional background, and social skills.

The impact of video games on students

The first thing worth mentioning is the development of cognitive functions. Video games, primarily shooters, improve the perception of individual objects and hand-eye coordination. It results in better vision, spatial thinking, and orientation.

Research proves the positive impact of this student of entertainment on the student’s attentiveness and imagination.

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Psychological and Emotional Impact of Games

Games teach purposefulness and perseverance and help not to give in to difficulties. Many people give up after the first setback, admit they are incompetent in the matter, and possibly deprive themselves of their life’s work. For a gamer, failure is a lesson.

Passing missions, making mistakes, again and again, none of them quits. On the contrary, they are more persistently looking for a loophole. Here you can also say about the ingenuity that will
certainly, develop in any gamer. Games affect the emotional background. The most obvious: they help to relax, relieve
stress, and distract.

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It is also worth mentioning games like farms and others where there is no violence. When young people kill time, they get positive emotions. This is a place without worries and stress, which some do not find in ordinary life. At the same time, one should not miss the positive impact of games on a person.

For example, role-playing games help develop social skills, because success depends on well-coordinated teamwork. Strategy games teach analysis, make you think ahead, predict the actions of opponents and come up with a strategy to win.

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The main 6 benefits of video games

The main condition for relaxing with computer entertainment is playing no more than 1-2 hours a day. Otherwise, they will do more harm than good. If you plan your day wisely, separating school/uni, household chores, and leisure, then we can confidently talk about the
the positive impact of video games on the development of children and adolescents, namely:

  1. Reaction and speed of thinking develop;
  2. Intellectual abilities increase;
  3. The ability to find a way out in various situations is acquired;
  4. Develops logic, mental coordination, and tact;
  5. Increased communication skills;
  6. There is an overcoming of fear, isolation, and excessive shyness.

Games over the Internet, as well as entertainment with real people, teach you how to work in a team, find compromises and help develop leadership skills.

Online entertainment will be especially useful for introverted children who find it difficult to take the first step toward
strangers. In the virtual world, these boundaries are erased, and the child learns to leave the comfort zone, realizing over time that communicating with other children is not so scary.

Gamification in education

In addition, various schools and universities are beginning to introduce a form of learning through play – gamification, thanks to which children can learn something new and immediately put it into practice. This contributes to better assimilation of the material and
allows you to create stronger neural connections in the brain.

With the help of virtual reality, it is very easy to train pilots, racers, and even ordinary motorists. These workouts will cost much less and will be safe for everyone. Such simulators have already been implemented in many top universities.

For example, arcade-type games develop logic, and attention, train memory and teach you to work quickly. There are many game programs that allow you to learn Russian, mathematics, drawing, and foreign languages ​​in the game. A computer game, correctly chosen, can help a child get out of a stressful situation.

The bottom line

Video games can serve as a useful tool for developing thinking and learning skills for quick decision-making based on visual perception. For learning success, computer games can really be useful.

Of course, if you maintain a balance between the game and reality.

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