FIX: Baldur’s Gate 3 Can’t Remove Friends/Characters on PC

Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3), developed by Larian Studios, has been a sensation among the gaming community since its announcement. As the game continued to evolve, players on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 have recently reported a peculiar bug involving custom characters in multiplayer sessions.

Wtf – You can’t remove friends chars from your party?
by u/hamburglin in BaldursGate3

This article explores the details of this bug and potential solutions

Understanding the Bug

When playing BG3’s multiplayer mode, some players found that after finishing a session and continuing solo, the custom character from another player’s account remained stuck in their party. What’s even more confounding is that this character takes up a permanent slot, even if they are dead.

This can hamper the solo player’s progress and gameplay experience. Potential Queries and Community Feedback: Searches like “BG multiplayer bug can’t remove character”, “BG3 custom character taking up a permanent slot”, and “BG3 party member won’t leave after multiplayer session” have been increasingly frequent on search engines. Many users have taken to forums, Reddit, and Larian Studios’ official channels seeking solutions.

Certainly, understanding the frustration of players can help tailor specific workarounds that might alleviate some of these challenges.

Remember, these are potential workarounds and may not work for everyone due to the varied nature of gaming setups and individual game states. Always back up your game saves before attempting any fixes

Here are some potential fixes for the “Baldur’s Gate 3” multiplayer character issue:

Solution 1: Use Older Saves

Before proceeding, it’s wise to revert to an older save (if available) from before the multiplayer session. This can sometimes bypass the issue entirely.

Solution 2: Change Party Leader

If you’re not the party leader in multiplayer, try letting one of the other players become the leader. Sometimes, certain actions or functions can be different or restricted based on who is the leader.

change party leader

Solution 3: Re-Invite Friends

Try re-inviting your friends to a new multiplayer session. Let each of them manually leave the party, and then save the game. After this, you can continue with the game solo, and the characters might no longer be permanently in your party. You should also report with the queries Larian Studios multiplayer character bug forum

Solution 4: Use In-Game Mechanics to Disband

Some players suggest using in-game mechanics like sending the bugged party member to camp and then trying to dismiss them.

Solution 5: Await Official Patch

Regularly check Larian Studios’ official website or community forum with queries like Larian Studios BG3 multiplayer character issue. They often release patches to fix known bugs. Even if they haven’t fixed it yet, being vocal about the issue will ensure it remains a priority for them.

image 12

Solution 6: Fresh Installation

It might sound drastic, but sometimes completely uninstalling and then reinstalling the game can fix unaccounted-for bugs. Ensure your saves are backed up before doing this.


While “Baldur’s Gate 3” offers an immersive gaming experience, bugs are inevitable in such vast games. Players on Windows 10 and 11 facing this multiplayer character issue are eagerly awaiting an official patch. Until then, community workarounds are the way to go. Always remember to back up your game data before attempting any fixes

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