All About Weapons & Karakuri Technology In Wild Hearts

Get Ready for an Action-Packed Adventure with Wild Hearts – A Monster Hunter-Inspired RPG by Omega Force, Developer of Dynasty Warriors. Launching under EA Originals on February 16th, Discover the Preorder Bonuses Available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Monster Hunter fans have a new game to look forward to with the release of “Wild Hearts,” an action RPG that takes players on a journey to the land of Azuma, inspired by feudal Japan.

The game features monster hunting, with a variety of vicious creatures known as Kemono to take down using a range of melee and ranged weapons. Players can also make use of a range of gadgets and traps to assist them in their hunts. All the weapons revealed in “Wild Hearts” are listed here.

Karakuri Ancient Technology in Wild Hearts

The Karakuri can take on many forms as both weapons and tools. They can be used to set traps, defend against attackers, and cause significant harm to the powerful Kemono. Additionally, the Karakuri can also be utilized for constructive purposes such as gathering resources, training, and quick transportation.

  1. SPRING: The hunter is launched in the desired direction by this tool. It can be made quickly and used to evade, execute a boosted jumping attack, or even maneuver around a Kemono more swiftly than walking.
  2. FLYING VINE: The flying vine is a type of Karakuri mainly used for non-combat purposes. It shoots a zipline across a considerable distance, which can also be utilized by visiting hunters to prevent separation from the hunting party.
  3. BULWARK: The defensive Karakuri can be employed in various circumstances, but its primary function is to counteract charging assaults or serve as a barrier to block an attack from a Kemono.
  4. CRATE: The foundation of the Karakuri is the basic building block. It provides hunters with elevated positions to evade attacks or, when positioned properly, enables them to carry out a strong attack from above.
  5. Torch: The torch is useful in both combat and non-combat scenarios. It can be utilized to illuminate a poorly lit area or enhance a hunter’s weapon with fire to inflict extra damage.
  6. POUNDER: The pounder is a more intricate Karakuri that delivers a substantial impact, but with a slower attack that causes a significant amount of stun damage to the target.
  7. WIND VORTEX: The wind vortex generates a powerful upward gust that can lift hunters into the air. It is continuously active and, when paired with a glider, provides the hunter with increased altitude and gliding velocity.
  8. GLIDER: The glider can be used in combination with a wind vortex or a few crate Karakuri. It allows hunters to remain airborne for an extended period, making it easier to navigate Azuma or place themselves directly above a Kemono.
  9. STAR BOMB: The star bomb boasts significant attack power and a broad attack range. Although it takes a moment to detonate, it will immediately explode when attacked. However, caution is advised as the explosion can send nearby hunters flying if they are caught in the blast.
    Star Bomb
  10. REPEATER CROSSBOW: The offensive Karakuri shoots at set intervals to enhance your damage output and briefly distract Kemono. It is an excellent choice when hunting for flying Kemono.
  11. ROLLER: The Roller is a unique combination of ancient and futuristic technology that enables hunters to rapidly cover large distances. After locating prey, hunters can launch the still-moving Roller into a Kemono. It is advisable to dismount the Roller before doing so.
  12. PADDLE SCOOP: The paddle scoop is an autonomous device that provides a more effective way of fishing during a hunt. It also has the capability to store the fish it catches for future use.
    paddle scoop
  13. TRAINING BEAR: The training bear is equipped with various attacks and serves as a crucial tool for hunters to enhance their abilities. Hunters can engage in sparring sessions with the bear while it is standing on its hind legs or all four.
  14. HUNTING TOWER: The hunting tower can detect substantial Kemono in close proximity. As hunters improve their ability to build this Karakuri, they will be able to identify additional artifacts and distinct creatures.
  15. CELESTIAL ANCHOR: Hunters can secure themselves to a celestial anchor and swing towards a Kemono to decrease the distance between them. The celestial anchors can also be utilized in non-combat situations.CELESTIAL ANCHOR 1
  16. CELESTIAL CANNON: The celestial cannon is one of the most intricate Karakuri and gathers celestial thread from its surroundings to launch at its target. Although challenging to aim, the cannon has a significant impact and has the potential to stun Kemono.

WILD HEARTS | Karakuri Gameplay Deep-Dive

Weapons in Wild Hearts

  1. The Claw Blade: This weapon combines a single-handed sword with a claw attached to a lengthy chain. You can use the claw to grab onto a monster and then close in to attack with rapid sword strikes, similar to the Dual Blades in Monster Hunter. The grappling feature adds a unique twist to this weapon class and makes it even more difficult for your prey to escape.
    claw blade
  2. The Bow: The Bow hasn’t been demonstrated yet, but it will offer a nimbler and quicker ranged option for hunters who prefer a smaller size compared to the Cannon.
  3. Karakuri Katana: The Katana was one of the first weapons showcased in a lengthy gameplay trailer for Wild Hearts. Its combat appeared to be similar to the Longsword in Monster Hunter, but a different sequence in the trailer revealed an alternate fighting stance that appeared to be faster and at times the blade transformed into a whip-like shape for a series of slashes.
    Karakuri katna
  4. Bladed Wagasa: The Bladed Wagasa is a unique and intriguing weapon, with “Wagasa” being a reference to Japanese paper umbrellas. It’s a parasol that has been transformed into a weapon, offering a creative twist on the classic sword and shield setup. The weapon features a distinctive defensive mechanism, in which it can be positioned to face monster attacks, making it a very cool addition to the arsenal.
    Bladed Wagasa
  5. Cannon: For hunters who prefer to maintain a safe distance and wait for the right moment to unleash a powerful shot, the Cannon is the weapon for you. It offers various firing modes, such as standard blasts, auras that enhance health or damage, and a massive green blast that resembles a hybrid of a fantasy laser and rocket launcher.
  6. Nodachi: As expected in a Monster Hunter-style game, the Nodachi is a massive Greatsword that will satisfy fans of this weapon type. Be prepared for impressive damage numbers, provided you can hit your target with the weapon’s slow, sweeping attacks.
  7. Maul: The Big Hammer is exactly what it sounds like – a large hammer! If it resembles the Monster Hunter Hammer, it will provide a more mobile choice for hunters who enjoy dealing heavy damage but don’t have the patience to master the Greatsword.
  8. The Karakuri Staff: The staff in Wild Hearts is an intriguing weapon that is well-suited for players who like to switch up their play style. In its basic form, it appears as a rod with blades at the end, but your character can spin it with skill and even split the blades for a dual-blade setup. Additionally, there is a Greatsword mode that allows you to unleash powerful attacks with a huge blade that emerges from the end of the rod.
    The Karakuri Staff

In conclusion, the weapons and Karakuri in Wild Hearts offer a diverse range of options for players to choose from. From the fast and agile Dual Blades to the slow and devastating Nodachi Greatsword, there’s something for everyone in this game. Each weapon has its own unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, adding to the overall depth and strategy of gameplay.

Whether you prefer a more defensive approach with the Bladed Wagasa or an offensive one with the explosive Cannon, Wild Hearts has you covered. Get ready to hunt down some monsters and unleash your wild heart in this exciting game!


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