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The Last of Us Episode 4 is about to reveal this weekend, and there are many easter eggs and references that you might’ve missed.

The Last of Us TV series has been making a hit since its first premier, and now the show is adapting the video game’s story with a little deviation that still seems interesting to me. In episode 3, we saw that Joel and Ellie began a new journey toward Wyoming after meeting Bill and Frank.

Now that HBO has released the Episode 4 preview, I discovered that there is a new character in the Hunters group who was not introduced back in the game. Just like Bill and Frank’s story, it seems like the show is expanding the story of certain sets of events in the game.

Now for those who haven’t played the game, The CPU Guide brings a detailed breakdown of the easter eggs and references to elaborate on how the upcoming episode of The Last of Us will adopt an adventurous survival direction. So, let’s get right into it.

References and Easter Eggs

I’ll start with the easter eggs and references by making things interesting with a game vs. show comparison. At the end of episode 3, Bill leaves a suicide note mentioning that Joel and Ellie can take his car and supplies to continue their survival journey toward Wyoming.

Bill's Car in The Last of Us

Now if we carefully compare the car and costumes, both elements are way too similar to the game. Bill’s car is the same color and pattern in the episode 4 preview as in the game. The same goes for Ellie’s outfit, which has a resemblance to the game.

Ellie's Costume in The Last of Us

Hunters and their Leader

In the episode 4 preview, HBO introduced a new character who hadn’t been in the game’s storyline. The leader of the Hunters group is called Kathleen (played by Melanie Lynskey) in the show. Just like Bill and Frank’s story, Hunters are broadly covered in the Last of Us show.

Hunter's Leader in The Last of Us

For those who haven’t played The Last of US Game, Hunters are the antagonist group of survivors who went rebellious after overthrowing the governmental group called the Fedora. The show has brought some changes in the episode 4 review by introducing Hunter’s leader and changing the cities from Pittsburgh (in the game) to Kansas City (in the show).

Hunter's group in The Last of Us

In the show, Hunters are portrayed as a huge group, as far as I’ve assessed from the trailer. In count, the group seems equal in numbers and more dangerous than the Fireflies, as Hunters shoot first and ask questions later.

I think that’s like a rule for them, and perhaps they are called Hunters because they’d kill anyone or anything they’ll see except for their own kind. I guess that’s one way to survive in a global pandemic. I’m up for seeing more action between Joel and Hunter.

Joel and Ellie’s Journey

In the episode, we can see that Joel and Ellie are getting along, even though there is a lot of arguing between them. The preview trailer of episode 4 also elaborated more on Ellie’s character and how she has never been in the woods or the wilderness.

Ellie Surviving in The Last of Us Show

Joel constantly argues with Ellie as she can barely read a map, so they stop in Kansas City, where they encounter the Hunters. In response to Ellie’s complaints, Joel’s expression and sense of humor reveal that he is not taking Ellie for her but for the promise he made to Tess in episode 2. In any way, I feel Joel and Ellie are portraying more and more of a father-daughter relationship throughout the show.

When Is The Last of Us Episode 4 Releasing?

The Last of Us Episode 4 will be released on 5th February Sunday, at 9 PM (ET) / 6 PM (PT). You can watch The Last of Us upcoming episodes on HBO Max and HBO Channel. Season 1 of The Last of Us will include over 9 episodes, and the final premiere of this season will air on 12th March 2023.

Final Words

The Last of Us Episode 4 will portray a detailed overview of the game’s storyline and how the storyline will carry out in the upcoming episodes of the season. Yet there is much to reveal from the game’s upcoming storyline, and I’m excited to see where the show directs this season.


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