Playstation Losing Console Exclusive To Nintendo Switch Next Month

PlayStation is going to lose its console exclusivity.


Because its game migrates to Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED.

Almost every platform has its exclusive games but PlayStation and Nintendo Switch are on top of all.

PlayStation and Nintendo have made many games that are exclusive to their platforms, but many games that are not made by either find their way to these platforms and became exclusive to them, F.I.S.T Forged in Shadow Torch is one of those games.


PlayStation helped this game in bringing it to market by promoting it many times even before the game was released. And when this game was released it became exclusive to PS4 and PS5 only.

But now it is coming to Nintendo Switch too!

On a website named Metacritic which aggregates reviews of music albums, games, moves, etc.

This action-filled game Forge in Shadow Torch’s

  • PC version got a Metascore of 81
  • The PS5 version has a score of 80, and
  • The PS4 version has a score of 66

Game Description:

A side-scrolling Metroidvania game that features arcade-style combat and is set in the uniquely designed Torch City. The game’s storyline shows that six-year earlier the animals of Torch City were defeated by the invading Legion in the Resistance War.

Torch City

All this time a former Resistance War soldier named “Rayton” kept a low profile until his friend was arrested. Which left no choice for Rayton to fight back to claim what was theirs. He put on his giant metal fist and fight against those oppressing him.

Due to this, he got caught up in a whirlpool of conspiracies involving the rat gang, the Legion, and the Resistance. Face and fight with dozens of distinct enemies each having their own unique style of fighting and weapons.

What do you think about this? Is PlayStation losing its console exclusivity or not?

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