How to Fix PS5 Not Reading Disc (7 Easy Solutions)

Have you tried inserting a gaming Disk in your PS5 and it is not responding anymore? This issue has been experienced by many owners of the PS5 Standard Edition as reported on Reddit as well.

Ps5 not reading discs
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To resolve the PS5 not reading disk issue, make sure to clean the Blu-ray or DVD disk to remove any stains or smudges from it. If the disk is spoiled or damaged, then the console may not be able to detect it properly.

To resolve this issue, we have written a detailed guide on how to fix the PS5 not reading disk issue by following 7 easy step-by-step methods. We will also state some reasons why you are facing the PS5 not reading disk issue so you an avoid the problem from its root cause.

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Why is my PS5 not reading my discs?

Although there are many reasons that lead to not reading disc but here are common ones:

  1. The Disc might be dirty.
  2. The disc drive may be damaged.
  3. Or PS5 Software may not be updated.
  4. Corrupted game software
  5. Random hardware glitch
PS5 not reading disc issue reasons

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Video Guide For PS5 Not Reading Disc

Solution 1: Restart PS5

Whenever you encounter PS5 not reading disc or any other bug/glitch, you should try restarting your PS5. Restarting the console will eliminate any temporary errors/glitches occurring due to the old/corrupted cache.

So, here is how you can restart your PS5:

  1. Press the PlayStation (PS) button on your controller.
    PS button on PS5
  2. From the menu shown, Select the Power option (right-most)
  3. From the small menu that will appear on the power icon, select the last option “Restart PS5
    restart ps5 dialog to fix  on reading
  4. While your PS5 restarts, don’t unplug any cord to avoid any hardware failure.
    Restarting PS5 Screen to fix

Here’s a supporting video to restart PS5 for your ease:

Solution 2: Cleaning The Blu-Ray/DVD Disc

The next thing you need to do is check the disc if PS5 not reading disc is occurring when you insert the disc.

For this you need to do is:

  1. Eject the disc manually by pressing the Eject button on your console
  2. OR you can press the Options button on your DualSenese controller which is on the Home menu which will give you the option to Eject Disc.
  3. Now check the disc carefully for any scratches or smudges underside.
  4. Clean the disc using a clean, soft microfiber cloth.
  5. Insert the Disc back into your console.
clean PS5 disc

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Solution 3: How to Insert a Disc Into Your PS5?

Sometimes you are inserting the disc in the wrong way which can lead to PS5 not reading disc.

Note that the upside of the disc should always face the power and eject buttons.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Plug the power cable into your PS5
  2. Now slowly insert your disk into your Standard Edition PS5 and just keep pushing it Slowly
  3. Make sure your console is placed horizontally or it won’t read the disc.
  4. And insert that disc that is compatible with PS5 as your console can’t read PS3 or older game discs.insert disk into ps5 | PS5 Won't Turn On

Still facing PS5 not reading disc, then continue to the next solution.

Solution 4: Update Your PS5 Firmware

Sony releases new updates regularly to remain up-to-date with upcoming bugs and issues users face either while playing games or some random bugs.

It’s highly recommended to have updated PS5 firmware. You can enable automatic updates and check for them manually as well.

There are 2 ways to update PS5 firmware:

  1. Through USB
    This way you would need to download the update over the internet into a USB which is an inconvenient way than PlayStation updating itself.
  2. Through Internet
    PlayStation searches for an update itself, downloads it, and installs it for you.

By default, automatic updates are enabled, and in case you are not sure, here’s how you can check if there’s a new update available and how to enable automatic updates on PS5 too using PS5 UI.

NOTE: Make sure the PS5 is connected to the internet.

  1. From the PS5 homepage, access Settings from the gear icon in the top right corner.
  2.  Go to System
  3. Click on System Software from the left menu and choose the second option: System Software Update and Settings
  4. From the 2 options, select Update Using Internet.
  5. Now, wait for the system to check for updates and if it’s updating don’t try to turn off your PS5. In this case, the PS5 was already up-to-date.
5 steps to Update Your PS5 Firmware

Your PS5 should be with its latest update by now, and you can try inserting the disc and check if see if PS5 not reading disc is fixed or not.

And if you want a video guide, here’s a quick video to update your PS5:

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Solution 5: Reboot Your PS5 in Safe Mode to Fix PS5 Not Reading Disc

Occasionally, resolving the PS5 not reading disc error can be as straightforward as rebooting in Safe Mode, where various troubleshooting tools are accessible. This easy solution is worth attempting.

To do so, simply follow the steps outlined below:

restart ps5 safe mode instructions for precaution and following steps
  1. Press and hold the power button until you hear the second beep. This will boot your PS5 in Safe Mode.
  2. Connect the PS5 DualSense controller to a USB cable and press the PS button on the controller to pair it.
    Connect the PS5 DualSense controller to a USB cable and press the PS button on the controller to pair it.
  3. It may take a moment to display Safe Mode options. Select option 1: “Restart PS5
    restart ps5 in safe mode
  4. Now you just need to wait until your PS5 console restarts.

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Solution 6: Reset PS5

This is the final resort that you can take before you contact PlayStation and you have tried all other fixes to play reading. Being a PlayStation Plus member would make this easy for you as you would be able to save all your game’s progress which is really necessary for the hours of work that have been put in.


Resetting PS5 will completely wipe off everything from the console whether it’s a game, save data, or any other content.
So its best to backup data first on your cloud storage and here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to Settings and then select Saved Data and Game/App Settings.
    Saved Data and Game:App Settings page on PS5 main settings page
  2. Now choose the type of data you want to backup:
    • PS5 Data:
      Select Saved Data (PS5) > Console Storage and in the next Screen Upload to Cloud Storage
      Saved Data and Game:App Settings Saved data for PS5 console storage to delete reading
    • PS4 Data
      Select Saved Data (PS4) > Console Storage and in the next Screen Upload to Cloud Storage
      uplopad saved dataa to playstation plus
  3. And PS5 will upload your saved game data.

After backing up your data, now you can Reset your PS5:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Then go to System
  3. Select System Software from the left menu and Reset Options (the last item in the expanded menu)
    ps5 system software reset options
  4. Select Reset Your Console and follow the on-screen instructions. Wait until PS5 will restart and you are directed to the setup process.
    reset your PS5 to fix won't read disc

Here’s a video of this process.

If PS5 not reading disc, then continue to the last solution

Solution 7: Contact PS5 Support

If none of the above solutions work for you then there might be a chance that your PS5 has issues.

You can visit the PlayStation Official Website to get it repaired and choose the relevant issue which in your case would be according to won’t read disc.

image 106

Make sure you tell all the solutions you have applied to your console and let them know the issue you are facing. This will help the support agent to identify the main reason for this error. They should reply to you ideally within 24 hours and if you don’t get any reply within

Final Words

PS5 not reading disc issue can mainly occur if you have installed an invalid, non-original, or damaged disc in your console. In other cases, if the disk is genuine, then you can apply the above-mentioned methods to fix this issue in no time. Hopefully, your issue has been resolve and now you can play all your favorite games seamlessly.

if you got any questions just let us know in the comment section.


Will PS5 allow PS4 discs? PS5 Not Reading PS4 Discs?

Yes, you will be able to use PS4 discs in PS5 and play them also you will be able to download the digital software purchased from the PlayStation store.

Why is my PS5 disc not installing?

Your PS5 disc is not installing as there maybe some damage or scratches.

Can you put in a disc the wrong way in a PS5?

It is not possible to put a disc in the wrong way in a PS5. The disc drive on the PS5 is designed to only accept discs in the correct orientation


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