PS5 Error CE-10005-6? Something Went Wrong? Problem Reading Disc?

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PS5 Error CE-10005-6? Something Went Wrong? Problem Reading Disc?

Got PS5 Error CE-10005-6? There was a Problem Reading Disc?

Were you trying to install GTA 5, Cyberpunk2077, or any other favorite game but you were welcomed with a CE-10005-6 error message on your screen?

Honestly, you are not the only one because many other users have the same issue and some are having it without inserting a disc on Reddit.

So, before solving your PS5 Error Code CE-10005-6, let’s answer some questions that will be on your mind right now.

What is PS5 Error CE-100005-6? Something Went Wrong?

PS5 Error CE-10005-6 means that you cannot download or install any game at the moment which usually occurs when you are trying to install the game through a disc.

You should try cleaning the disk properly with a soft cotton cloth and the rest you will find out in Solution 3.

ps5 error something went wrong CE-100005-6

What are the causes of PS5 Error CE-10005-6?

PS5 Error CE-10005-6 can occur due to the 5 common causes:

  1. Due to Slow internet
  2. Disk with dust or scratches.
  3. It occurs when you are installing a game or downloading and if your internet connection is not stable it will lead to PS5 Error CE-10005-6.
  4. PlayStation 5 server may be down
  5. Your PS5’s storage space is too full causing PS5 erreur ce-10005-6

How do I fix error CE 10005 6?

You can fix error CE 10005 6 by following the 4 solutions given below:

  1. Clear The Dust In Your PS5
  2. Try re-inserting a Disk Into Your PS5
  3. Power Cycle Your PS5
  4. And, lastly, you can Reboot Your PS5 in Safe Mode

Video Guide For PS5 Error CE-10005-6

Solution 1: Clear The Dust In Your PS5

Sometimes the dust in your PS5 can lead to the PS5 Error CE-100005-6.

So, if you are thinking about how to clean the dust on your PS5?


All you need to do is:

  1. Take a soft cotton cloth
  2. Wipe the disc clean making sure there are no scratches
  3. Do it for 5 minutes
  4. Also, try blowing into the vents or disk drive.
xbox series x not reading disc

Once done with this, then start your PS5 and see if the PS5 Error CE-100005-6 has been solved.

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Solution 2: Insert a Disk Into Your PS5 to Fix PS5 Error Code CE-10005-6

Sometimes PS5 Error CE-10005-6 can be solved by inserting a disk into it.

Your console will detect the disk which will lead to solving PS5 erreur ce-10005-6.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Plug the power cable into your PS5
  2. Now slowly insert your disk into your Standard Edition PS5 and just keep pushing it Slowly and your console will turn on automatically.
  3. Now, pull your disk out from the console and your CE-10005-6 will be solved
insert disk into ps5 | PS5 Won't Turn On

And if you are still confused then here’s a

Video Guide to insert the Disc properly into your PS5

YouTube player

Solution 3: Free Up Storage Space

If you couldn’t fix PS5 fehlercode ce-10005-6 after cleaning the disc then you need to free up some storage space.

Just delete some files or games that you don’t use anymore as many users were able to fix PlayStation error code CE-10005-6 after clearing their storage space.

Solution 4: Restart your Router

Restarting your router will allow you to establish a new connection with your ISP without any bugs and help you fix “PS5 Error CE-10005-6”

Just follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off your router completely by taking out the power cable from the power switch
  2. Now leave it for 2 minutes and then plug it back in
  3. And check for your internet connection.

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After checking the internet connection if still, you face Playstation error code CE-10005-6

then continue to the next solution.

Solution 5: Restart Your PS5 To Fix PS5 erreur CE-10005-6

This technique will completely shut down your PS5 making sure all the power is drained.

It will recreate all the configurations before starting up and help you fix PS5 error ce-10005-6.

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So, here’s how to power cycle PS5:

  1. Tap and Hold the power button on the console for at least 10 seconds until the blinking LED light turns off.power button ps5 CE-107857-8
  2. Unplug the power plug from the back of the console and after a minute click on the power button of your console which will drain all the power.
  3. Now, wait for 20 minutes, plug everything back
  4. After restarting your PS5, check to see if the PS5 Error CE-10005-6 is fixed.

And if you are still facing PS5 error code CE-10005-6 then continue to the next solution.

Solution 6: Reboot Your PS5 in Safe Mode To Fix CE-10005-6 PS5 Digital Game

So restarting PS5 in safe mode has solved the error for many users.

You will not lose your personal data while using this solution.

Just follow the steps:

  1. Turn off your PS5 by pressing the power button on the front panel.
  2. Press and hold the power button until you hear the second beep and will boot in Safe Mode.
  3. Now connect the DualSense Controller and press the PS button on the controller to pair it.
  4. Select Restart PS5 and press X to reboot your console in Safe Mode.
  5. After rebooting check if you get to fix CE-10005-6 PS5 digital game.
safe-mode ps5 Error Code CE-107857-8

If you still couldn’t fix PS5 Error Code CE-10005-6 then continue to the next solution.

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Solution 7: Contact PlayStation Support

If any of the above solutions didn’t work for you in fixing PS5 Error Code CE-10005-6 then the only thing you can do is visit the PlayStation Support page and let them know about your issue.

PS5 Error CE-10005-6? Something Went Wrong? Problem Reading Disc?

Hope all the above solutions helped you to solve PS5 Error CE-10005-6.

If still, you have a query feel free to share your experiences and question in the comments section down below.

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If you are using a disc to download, try cleaning your disc thoroughly and blowing air into the disc drive.

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