How to Factory Reset Lenovo Legion Go

Lenovo Legion Go has dominated the line-up of the best handheld gaming consoles with its powerful processor integrated with efficient GPU and Windows 11 compatibility. Playing AAA Games on this console is a real joy as it supports almost every game you can play on a Windows gaming PC. However, if you want to get a fresh start with your gaming console and are looking to factory reset your console, then here is how you can do it.

To factory reset Lenovo Legion Go, open Settings, go to System > Recovery, and select the ‘Reset PC’ button next to the Reset This PC option. Now you can select to either Keep your Files or if you want to delete everything, select ‘Remove everything.’ After a few minutes, your console will reset completely and restart like it’s fresh out of the box.

There could be many reasons why you may wish to factory reset the Legion Go console. To explain more briefly, we have written this detailed guide on factory resetting Lenovo Legion Go by following 2 easy methods.

Method #1: Factory Reset from Windows

Legion Go has Windows 11 as its operating system, which makes it easier for gamers to operate and explore troubleshooting features. To factory reset Legion Go from Windows, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Start menu from the Desktop of Legion Go console.
  2. Go to System > Recovery and find the ‘Reset this PC’ option.
  3. Select ‘Reset PC’, and a new menu will appear.
    Factory Reset Windows 11 via Reset This PC
  4. Select ‘Remove Everything’ if you want to wipe out all the data on the hard drives, OR you can select ‘Keep my Files’ to reset Windows and its settings only.
    Factory Reset for Clearing Data on Windows 11
  5. Next, you can select either ‘Coud Download’ to install a fresh copy of Windows from the internet or you can select ‘Local Reinstall‘ to factory reset Windows from the same device.
    Factory Reset Local reinstalling Windows 11
  6. If you have chosen ‘Local Reinstall,’ then follow the prompts on the screen by clicking ‘Next’ to complete the factory reset of the Legion Go console.

Method #2: Factory Reset Legion Go from BIOS

This method to factory reset Lenovo Legion Go is helpful if your console is stuck in an update loop or it’s simply not booting properly. Here is how you can factory reset Legion Go via BIOS.

  1. Press the Power Button of your Legion Go to shut down the console.
  2. Once the console is properly switched OFF, press the Volume Down button (-) and then press the power button once. Keep holding the Volume Down button until the Novo Boot Menu appears on the screen.
    Entering BIOS mode on Legion Go by pressing Buttons
  3. Here, you can select ‘System Recovery’ to open the Advanced Startup Menu.
    Novo Boot Menu Legion Go
  4. Select ‘Troubleshoot.’
    Legion Go Troubleshoot Menu Advance Startup Windows 11
  5. Select ‘Reset This PC.’
    Reset This PC Windows 11 on Legion Go
  6. Now you must select ‘Keep my files’ OR ‘Remove everything’ according to your preference.
    Reinstalling Windows Legion Go Windows 11
  7. Then select ‘Local reinstall’ OR ‘Cloud Reinstall’ from the options, depending on your preference.
  8. Then follow the prompts on the screen by clicking ‘Next’ to factory reset Legion Go from the BIOS.

How to Factory Reset Legion Go Controllers?

If your Legion Go controllers are malfunctioning or failing to connect, then it’s recommended to factory reset them by following these steps.

Left Controller

Press the L + LB + LS buttons simultaneously to reset the left controller of Legion Go.

Right Controller

Press the R + RB + RS buttons simultaneously to reset the left controller of Legion Go.

Lenovo Legion Go Controllers

There is also a reset hole above the slide rail of both controllers, which is also known as the reset button. You can use a SIM card ejection pin to reset the controller by pressing the pinhole button on each controller while they are switched ON.


The process to factory reset Lenovo Legion Go is pretty much the same, as resetting any other Windows 11-based portable computer. With a factory reset, you can enjoy a fresh out-of-the-box experience with Legion Go and this troubleshooting may prevent any software or hardware glitches that occur on the console. We hope this article was helpful.


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