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Read this Before Upgrading your PlayStaion [PS4 Update 9.00 Error]

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Sony just released the system software update 9.00 for all models of PlayStation 4.

But, this update is causing a lot of trouble for gamers.

Notably, some performance issues like games only launching after restarting the PS4 once, DNS issues while connecting to the server, and, for some, a completely unresponsive brick PS4.

This update was meant to bridge the gap between the current-gen Playstation 5 and the last-gen PlayStation 4 by introducing features like the ability to see trophies won using PlayStation 5 in PlayStation 4, the ability to remote play using Cellular data (before that only remote play through WiFi was allowed) and the ability to delete the message groups if you are the owner.

These features are cool but being able to play games on a gaming console is cooler for which this update is being a hindrance. Some fans are very furious and calling this update a way for Sony to force the PS4 users to upgrade to PS5.

But, if we look at the scarcity of PS5 or in general any gaming console/equipment, it is highly unlikely that Sony would pull this off.

We recommend all the PS4 owners not to update to firmware 9.00 and wait for Sony to release a patch for these fixes. The update is definitely named “System Update 9.0.0” and is 490 MB. So, avoid it in all cases.

There is no official statement from Sony about these issues and their fix yet but we hope that would be sooner rather than later.

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