PlayStation 5 Has Sold Over 3 Million Units in Japan Surpassing Nintendo

PlayStation 5 marks a record-high sale of 3 million units since its launch in Japan, outnumbering Nintendo and its predecessors.

PlayStation has made history with its record sales in Japan by selling more than 3 million units in 121 weeks. I mentioned it as a record high number as it is more than the sales on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in the same period. Even though there has been a global supply shortage of PS5s worldwide, Sony has pulled the numbers after mentioning in their CES press conference that the global supply has been maintained.

Despite some supply chain issues, PlayStation 5 surpassed the Nintendo Switch sale in Japan. PlayStation 5 sold over 78,000 units in Japan in the last week alone, compared to 66,000 units of Nintendo Switch during the same period. A senior Analyst has verified these statistics at MST Financial, David Gibson, in his recent social post.

As Sony and Nintendo progress in innovating new features in their consoles, the market for being the best seller will remain competitive worldwide. This competition also led PlayStation to lose console exclusivity as various games migrated to Nintendo Switch. It would be exciting to witness the changes and improvements both franchises bring to outnumber each other and their predecessors.

Why is PlayStation 5 So Popular in the Gaming Community?

The record high sales of PlayStation 5 indicate the console’s popularity in the region based on its advanced technology, reliable gaming hardware, enhanced graphics, and exclusive games like Forspoken, The Last of Us Part 1, and Marvel’s Spiderman.

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This exclusivity of games has driven gamers to buy more PlayStation 5 consoles over time as the game accurately and beautifully sync with console hardware, which is rare to experience on any other console or PC.

Besides offering quality hardware, PlayStation 5 has received positive reviews from critics as well. Even after issues like screen flickering on PlayStation 5, the console holds a great reputation and recognition in the gaming community. The Dual Sense controller is worth praising with its adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Such features provide more immersive gameplay regarding terrain differences or impacts.

With all this technology, gamers can get the best of PlayStation 5 for an immersive and fun gaming experience. PS5’s successful sales in Japan show how gaming technology is evolving and rapidly gaining popularity in the entertainment industry. In the future, we hope to see more hardware and software enhancement to experience more tactile gaming experience.


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