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iPhone 14 Prices Have Been Leaked – So, what’s the Staring Price?

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iPhone 14 is just a few days away and according to the specs, it seems like it will be much more expensive than the iPhone 13 lineup.

Ya, I believed that too!

but today according to a new report by market intelligence company TrendForce the increase may be lower than expected as Apple has fewer reasons to increase the price

One reason for a slight increase in price could be that for the first time, those who prefer a larger phone but don’t need the extra features of an iPhone Pro will be able to choose a 6.7-inch screen size without being forced to buy the most expensive model.

As it’s obvious that a larger device obviously costs more to make, so we can expect that Apple will give some margin over here.

However, you will be seeing a flexible amount of increase in price for the iPhone 14 pro models as the 48MP which will provide you with an 8K video recording. Due to inflation component costs have increased significantly, and Apple likes to protect its margins.

So, according to the company TrendForce

Upgrades such as initial starting memory capacity increasing to LPDDR5 6GB and 256GB, primary camera moving up to 48 million, Face ID Design changes, etc., are expected to raise starting prices. However, under pressure from rising global inflation and foreign exchange rates, Apple is expected to adopt a more cautious pricing strategy so as not to affect its sales performance.

The starting prices of the iPhone 14 that the company predicts are:

  • iPhone 14: $749
  • iPhone 14 Max: $849
  • iPhone 14 Pro: $1,049
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: $1,149

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What do you expect about the iPhone 14 prices?

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