Generate Pokémon From A Text
Description With This Incredibly
Entertaining AI Art Model

So, the other day, I was doom scrolling till about midnight when this fun little AI art widget named Text-to-Pokemon generator had me hooked. I read a little about it along with a hoard of tweets that were surprisingly incrementing as people used it more than ever.

So, what is this Pokemon AI image generator?

Text-to-Pokemon is an image generator that uses Artificial Intelligence or more precisely machine learning to let you create a highly entertaining pokemon matching your prompt. This includes famous names and personalities. And. Believe ME. Sometimes, you will get
some really cursed images. (No offense of course).

This is what I read about the AI Pokemon generator and I wanted to spend some more time trying it out.

What Exactly Is Lambda Text-to-Pokemon Generator and How Does It Work?

Text-to-Pokemon works pretty much on a much larger and more powerful AI image generator called Stable Diffusion. Notably, this model generates digital images from natural language descriptions.

Stable Diffusion is the AI image generator that functions in the same vein as DALL-E 2. It is open source which makes it easy for anyone to tweak its output. That’s what Justin Pinkney, a machine learning researcher did. He fine-tuned the Stable Diffusion using a database of Pokemon to create this text-to-Pokemon AI.

This tool now lets us enter any text input to create a unique Pokemon-style character on its database of images and captions. In a thread on Twitter, Pinkney just hints a little on how he made this fun little tool.

Stable Diffusion is a great generalist model, but getting a certain style of output is pretty tricky, it usual needs some serious “prompt engineering” (which I am rubbish at). Fine-tuning the model itself is an easy approach to focus on just what you want, if you have some data…I fine tuned the original stable diffusion on a Pokemon dataset”, he says.

To create the model, Justin Pinkney took Stable Diffusion and fine-tuned it by giving it further training on a more specific dataset – Pokémon. He trained the model on BLIP captioned Pokémon images with two NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPUs on the Lambda GPU Cloud for around 15,000 steps.

As a result, this model does not require “prompt engineering”, or any kind of preliminary steps or prompts to craft an output. Text-to-Pokemon is an AI Pokemon generator that can create wildly entertaining Pokemon.

The AI Pokemon generator is not completely mind-blowingly flawless, but, it’s highly creative with the Pokemon character. It’s incredibly entertaining and will make you laugh for sure.

Lamda Text-to-Pokemon AI Generator Will Surely Tickle Your Nerves

A quick search on Twitter shows how excitedly people have been using the Text-to-Pokemon AI generator to create all sorts of characters and mashups including Goku, Sonic, Hedgehog, and Jesus H. Christ as well as kissing lesbians and personal Twitter names.

Take a look at each.

Previously Made Pokemon Celebrity Character. (Savage!)

Screenshot 2022 09 30 165946
Screenshot 2022 09 30 165918

And Here’s mine as Well! Created using the text-to-pokemon tool.

You can also get more descriptive. For example, we tried “footballer with wings”. In this case, the text-to-pokemon AI generator did a fairly good job at creating what we typed in, although it might feel a little wild at first.

How to Use Text-to-Pokemon Generator?

To use the AI generator for yourself, just link your GitHub account which will redirect you to the Replicate page. From there, you can toggle the number of image outputs, as well as the number of denoising steps and the scale of classifier-free guidance.

What We Think of Text-to-Pokemon AI Generator?

AI Art generators should be considered real art. The technology has skyrocketed at unimaginable scales that we could dream of but has some wrinkles to iron out. This means that with such incredible artwork there may come flaws.

The text-to-Pokemon generator is fun, exciting, and a work of a machine. Pinkney has utilized Stable Diffusion and fine-tuned the system using a database of Pokemon that pretty much impressed us.

Open-source AI models like Stable Diffusion have the biggest advantage: People can fiddle with its output and come up with interesting tools like this one. However, it can be subject to violent and sexual images, misinformation, or illicit content.


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