Fortnite is back on iOS through Xbox Cloud Gaming

After a monthslong standoff, Fortnite returned to Apple devices, but this time through Microsoft’s cloud gaming service.

In a blog post on Thursday, Microsoft announced that Xbox Cloud Gaming will now be available on iOS. Its page also said that Fortnite will also return to Apple’s mobile ecosystem through that service.

Fortnite’s main advantage against Apple is that it’s such an enormous property and that its celebrity streamers are willing to make a fuss over the situation. Microsoft has proven itself a fierce ally in this fight against the iPhone maker, even though it should make them no money whatsoever.

After Apple banned Epic Games from the App Store, Microsoft offered a way for gamers to play Fortnite on their iPhones and iPads: Xbox Cloud Gaming.

If you want to play Fortnite on your iPhone or iPad, here’s how you can get around Apple’s ban, Using Safari, visit from your iOS device and link your existing Epic Games account to your Microsoft account. You won’t need a paid subscription to play.

You can now enjoy your favorite game anytime, anywhere!

Epic kicked off a dispute with Apple back in 2020 when the Fortnite maker tried to avoid paying Apple’s 30% cut on in-app purchases by avoiding using Apple’s payment system for its hit game on iOS devices. Epic sued Apple, accusing the iPhone maker of violating antitrust laws.


The California court did not agree but did require Apple to give developers the freedom to point customers toward payment systems beyond its notorious walled garden. Microsoft and Apple were once fierce rivals, but competition between the two companies has since cooled.


Microsoft is betting big on cloud gaming, which makes sense for the company to partner with Epic, one of the rare gaming companies that have seamless cross-platform online multiplayer totally dialed in at this point. Because the company has a useful defense against Apple and its App Store, Microsoft says that Fortnite will be its first popular free-to-play cloud gaming title, but not it’s last.

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