How to Turn Off Nintendo Switch

turn off nintendo switch

Wondering How to Turn Off Nintendo Switch Console?

If you are not using the Nintendo Switch console, turn it off like any other electronic devices,

This allows the hardware to: reset potentially defective software, and charge the battery faster.

If you are taking a break, the Nintendo Switch’s sleep mode is better. This option turns the screen off and puts the console in low energy mode, but you can resume playback right away in seconds.

Can you turn the switch off with the controller?

No, there is no such way to turn the Nintendo Switch off with the controller.

Although, this would have elevated the overall User Experience and made life easier.

The following 3 ways will tell you how you can:

  • Turn off Switch
  • How to put Switch into Sleep Mode?
  • How do I turn off the switch on my TV?

So, let’s gets started.

Turning off the Nintendo Switch

Three simple steps to turn off the Switch Console completely:

  • Press and hold the power button at the top of the  screen for about 5 seconds


nintendo switch power button


  • A menu is displayed that provides sleep mode or power options, select a Power Options.

Nintendo power option

  • Then you can choose to restart or turn off the system. Choose to Turn Off.

nintendo turn off

Now, Your Nintendo switch is completely Turned off.

If you want to use it again, you can also put your Nintendo into sleep mode for several minutes.

How to put Nintendo Switch into Sleep Mode?

  • Simply press the top button of the Nintendo or,
  • Enter sleep mode by pressing and holding the start button on the right Joy-Con controller
  • Then selecting sleep mode when the pop-up appears.

Nintendo switch sleep mode


  • Now, from the Switch home screen, you can scroll down to the task icons at the bottom of the screen
  • Then, select Sleep Mode, which is the power button icon on the right.

Nintendo sleep mode

How do I turn off the Nintendo switch on my TV?

  1. On Switch Home Screen, go to the Settings tile
  2. Under TV Settings, tap OK
  3. Locate Match TV Power State and tap OK. This will toggle the feature to OFF.

I hope these solutions have sorted your Issue.

If you face any other error with your Nintendo Switch, Let me know in the comments section.

How to Turn Off Nintendo Switch

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