How to Delete and Reinstall PS4 Games Without Losing Data

Have you ever wanted to delete a game from your PlayStation 4 to free up storage space, or maybe had a game that wasn’t working properly and needed to be reinstalled?

It’s a simple process on the PS4, but if you’re new to the console, it may not be immediately obvious how to do it.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps of deleting and reinstalling games on your PS4, so you can keep your console running smoothly and optimize your storage space.

Will I lose everything if I delete and redownload a game on PS4?

No, you will not lose your saved game data when you delete and redownload a game on your PS4. Deleting a game only removes the game files and any downloaded patches or updates, while your saved game data remains stored in the system storage

How to Delete and Reinstall Game on PS4

The game file itself can be a suspected issue too and we can only know by deleting and reinstalling it. You’d have to sacrifice your time and internet speed for a while but let’s hope you resolve games after this.

Keep in mind that downloading and reinstalling a game can take some time, depending on the size of the game and the speed of your internet connection

To reinstall the Game, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the home screen and highlight the game you want to delete.
  2. Press the Options button on your controller
    press the options button on ps4 controller
  3. Select Delete from the menu that appears
    delete game ps4
  4. Confirm that you want to delete the game and all of its saved data by selecting OK
    press ok to delete the game on ps4
  5. Once your game is deleted, you need to reinstall it. If it’s a disc you own, you would directly insert it, else if you have purchased a digital edition, you need to go to Game Library (last option) from the Games home screengame library ps4
  6. Go to the Purchased section and look for your game and download it
    download games on ps4

So, that’s it and if you got any questions just let us know in the comments section below


Can I delete a PS4 game and reinstall it?

Yes you can delete a PS4 game and reinstall it and PS4 will not delete your saved game progress

How long does it take to reinstall a game on my PS4?

The time it takes to reinstall a game on your PS4 can vary depending on the size of the game and your internet connection speed


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