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Forspoken has the exclusivity of the PlayStation 5 console since the demo was released. But why is it not coming on other consoles? Find out here.

After a lengthy delay, Forspoken is finally releasing, and we’ve been waiting for this release for almost a year. Ever since Square Enix released the new gameplay video revealing the cool features of Forspoken on PlayStation 5, the gaming community has raised many questions, like will there be an Xbox version for the game? Or will there be a version for PlayStation 4?

Don’t worry. The CPU Guide has all the answers to your questions. In this article, I will discuss the revelation I’ve made by playing the Forspoken PS5 demo, with some news and information on why the Forspoken is set to be exclusive.

Why Forspoken is Exclusively Releasing for PS5

For impatient gamers like me, Square Enix revealed the Forspoken Demo to give a glimpse of what the game has to offer. The full game is scheduled to be released on 24 January 2023, but we can still try out the demo version now. Square Enix made a smart move by releasing the demo version as gamers’ feedback led to development changes for improving the gameplay experience.

Immersive Gameplay Experience

The recent gameplay video of Forspoken released by PlayStation reveals that the game has many next generations of features to provide a whole new gaming experience.

While playing the Forspoken demo, I experienced that the game takes complete advantage of the PS5 DualSense controller from the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

Get Magical With Triggers

While playing Forspoken, I was able to adjust power magic spells using the DualSense adaptive triggers. I could also experience varying levels of force through haptic feedback and vibration, which seemed much more realistic and interactive. The game features over 100 spells to take down the enemies by collecting Mana across Athia.

Frey Casting Magical Powers in Forspoken

Haptic Feedback and Sounds

The PS5 controller changed the whole experience for me as the built-in speakers attached between the two joysticks of the DualSense controller broadcast the whole discussions of Frey’s allies.

Frey Gameplay in Forspoken PS5 Demo

In conclusion, I felt Forspoken is tailor-made for PS5 hardware, taking complete advantage of haptic feedback, vibration, and built-in speakers. As for other consoles like Xbox Series X, these features may not experience the same immersive gameplay as with PlayStation 5.

Why Forspoken Skipped on PlayStation 4

As I’ve experienced from the Forspoken Demo on PlayStation 5, the console pretty much meets the specification demands for the game. The new-gen consoles give the advantage of ray tracing for improved lighting and solid-state drive support for quicker loading speed.

The PS5 hardware works beautifully with the game features to enhance the gameplay experience. Since PlayStation 4 lacks the hardware specifications and compatibility, we should not expect the game to release on PS4 in the future.

Will Forspoken Release for Xbox?

Even if we put the gaming experience aside for a second, Forspoken is releasing for PC since a decent gaming computer setup can meet the requirements. On the other hand, Xbox Series X also seems capable of running Forspoken, so why will it not release for the Xbox?

Fans have confirmed in the tweet mentioned above that the game is 2 years limited exclusive, which means that it may not release for Xbox Series X until 2025. Just like the limitations of PS4, the Forspoken will not be available on Xbox One.

Another YouTube video released in December 2020 featured a glimpse from Forspoken by the name of ‘Project Athia’ in which it was mentioned ‘Not available on other consoles until at least 24 months after release.’ This revelation confirms that Forspoken will not release on Xbox Series X till 2025.

Square Enix and Luminous Productions have tested the patience of the gaming community for months, and now the game has become time exclusive for consoles other than PS5. Therefore, I suggest getting your hands on a PlayStation 5 or building a high-end PC that meets the gaming requirements.


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