Elden Ring Guide: Get Smithing Stones 1-8

Hey Elden Ring lovers, we all are spending a lot of our time on Elden Ring and I am loving to explore all the regions.

So, if you are looking for smithing stones, you can get an infinite supply of them in this one complete guide.

So, let’s start with our first one and upgrade our weapons for a better game experience.

Note: Smithing stones can only be used for weapons that are unique, and require one Smithing Stone of each tier per level.

Interested in Somber Smithing Stones? Here’s a complete guide to get all 9 of them

Smithing Stone 1 & 2

You need to head up to Liurnia, and make your way to the Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel where you need to get to the bottom of the tunnel and defeat the boss there to acquire Smithing Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing 1.

image 148

Smithing Stone 3 & 4

For the next stone, you need to head to the Atlas Plateau and by the sides of the grave, you will have a river and if you go to the back of it, you will notice a cave with a secret wall that needs to be attacked.

image 149

Find your way around the stairs and you will find a chest with Smithing Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing 2 that can let you purchase Smithing Stone 3 & 4.

image 150

Smithing Stone 5 & 6

For the next stone, you need to make some progress in the story as we are about to enter the snowy regions.

image 151

As shown, we need to make our way to the Zamor ruins, and you will notice a church where you need to locate a torch indicating a way down.

Opening/lifting the door will reveal a chest and you will be able to acquire Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing 3 that can let you purchase Smithing Stone 5 & 6.

Smithing Stone 7 & 8

image 154

This gets a bit tricky here as you have to get to the Dragon temple and defeat the boss to acquire Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing 4 that can let you purchase Smithing Stone 7 & 8.

image 152

Were you able to find all of the Smithing Stones?

Are there any more locations that you know? Let us know by sharing those in the comments below!

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