How To Achieve Google Pixel Watch 24 hours battery life

Upon the launch of the Google Pixel Watch, Google officially told the users that the Pixel Watch’s 294mAh battery will give 24 hours of battery life.

According to Google’s fine print at the launch

“maximum battery life is approximate and is based on testing using pre-production hardware and software.”

As you know there are some hidden things because when I heard it the first time I also didn’t believe it all so, the new update clearly tells us how the Google Pixel Watch will have a 24-hour battery life:

  • 240 notifications
  • 280-time checks
  • 5 min LTE phone call
  • 45 min LTE and GPS workout with downloaded YouTube music playback
  • 50 minutes of navigation (Google Maps) while connected to a phone via Bluetooth
  • Watch configured with the default settings, including the Always-on display set to off

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So, if the above conditions are met while using the Google Pixel Watch, then you will be able to achieve 24 hours of battery life.

According to the 9to5Google in practice, they have easily achieved over 24 hours of battery life with the Always-on display on but do not expect more after that.

Do let us know if you could manage to get over the 24 hours of battery life.


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