Buy AMD GPU and Get The Last of Us Part 1 for Free!

Get a free copy of The Last of Us Part 1 PC remake with the last-gen AMD graphics cards in the exclusive bundle. Find out more about it right here.

Ebuyer has brought a piece of exciting news for The Last of Us fans by running a promotional strategy on their website. We will get a free copy of The Last of Us Part 1 with every purchase of AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 OR RX 7000 series graphics cards.

The Last of Us Part 1 AMD Bundle Offer

This free gaming bundle will soon go live for a limited time, but no confirmation on how long this offer may last. The bundle offer seems perfect for the occasion as the upcoming The Last of Us Part 1 is going to be the PC remake version of the original game, with enhanced graphics and gameplay experience.

Eligible AMD GPUs For The Last of Us Part 1

If you want to upgrade your PC to experience Joel and Ellie’s survival journey, add any of the following AMD graphics cards to your shopping cart.

Even if you’re getting a pre-build desktop gaming PC with any of the GPUs mentioned above fitted in them, you’ll receive your free copy of The Last of Us Part 1 (2023). Remember that the offer has not gone live yet, so it will not apply if you have already purchased the GPUs, as mentioned above.

AMD has not confirmed this bundle offer yet but will replace the previous one regarding “The Callisto Protocol” and “Dead Island 2,” which ended in February. The Last of Us Part 1 is scheduled to release on 28th March 2023, which was delayed due to various reasons from the initially announced release date. So, I believe this gaming bundle offered by AMD will go live accordingly.

This news will surely get AMD some serious sales. The new high-performing RDNA 3 is yet to gain recognition in Steam’s hardware database, which may remain unrecognized until more stock comes in for the GPUs. This offer will raise an exciting comparison war between the PC and PlayStation 5 versions of The Last of US Part 1. However, Naughty Dog has not released the official system requirements yet.


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