PS4 Tips & Tricks- Get Most Out of Your PS4!

Play Stations have taken over the world by storm since its release. An amazing gaming machine that provides the ultimate quality of services.

PS4 has appeared as a platform for connecting people from all across through a mutual craze for gaming. Although it has been a while since its release, it still contains hidden treasures waiting for you to explore!

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Let’s not wait further as the following is a list of 10 remarkable Tips and Tricks.

1. Fix the slow performance of PS4

A very easy and quick way of getting rid of slow-performing PlayStation. Don’t worry, you won’t have to apply this technique frequently. Instead, it is a rare yet amazing solution to your problem.

  • First, put your PlayStation on safe mode.
  • Go down to the option of a rebuilt database.

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It helps in achieving optimal performance.

Fix the slow performance of PS4

2. Quick Switch b/w Game and Earlier Screen

PS4 has adapted the user interface technique of quickly switching between the screens/applications similar to smartphones. PS4 has been successful in making it user-friendly despite the size.

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You can easily switch between the last application or the home screen by double-pressing the PS button on your controller.

Quick Switch b/w Game and Earlier Screen

3. Face Recognition in PlayStation

New-age technologies have made us used to the quick logging in techniques whether it be fingerprint scanners or face identification. Typing in long & strong passwords can take forever.

PS4 introduces a quick, more reliable signing-in method to your PlayStation. If you are meticulous about privacy then this is for you!


  • Go to Settings
  • Then Users
  • Click on Login Settings
  • Enable Facial Recognition
  • Go to Face Data Management
  • Select Start and follow the on-screen Instruction.

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You can add multiple users too.

Face Recognition in PlayStation

4. Phone as typing tool with PS4

It can get tedious to type with the help of a controller. Using a controller stretches the time to infinity especially when you are in a hurry. Praises to cloud for making Playstation network and phone connect to PlayStation app together.

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  • Open the PlayStation app settings
  • login to the PlayStation network through phone and console
  • Finally, choose the keyboard option located on the top left.

5. Minimise lag in Multiplayer Games

While playing, in hindsight there are many operations taking place which serves as a reason for the lagging of a multiplayer game. The solution prevents big downloads.

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To avoid the problem you can quickly:

  • Go to settings.
  • Click on Systems.
  • Go to automatic downloads.
  • Switch off automatic updates to escape lag while enjoying the game with a team.
Minimise lag in Multiplayer Games

6. Identify Fully Charged Controller through Light Bar

Overcharging anything can damage battery health. Most people haven’t paid attention to what the light bar on your controller represents.

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You can actually benefit by just observing the light bar. During charge, the controller glows the entire time but as soon as the charging gets full the light automatically turns itself off.

Note: It is necessary to have USB ports enabled and here is how you can do it.


  • Go to Power save settings
  • Click on Set functions available in rest mode
  • Click on Supply Power to USB ports with rest mode enabled.

Playstation has to be in rest mode when plugged in with the controller.

Identify Fully Charged Controller through Light Bar
Identify Fully Charged Controller through Light Bar

7. Remap the Controller Buttons

Don’t like a game’s default control scheme? Here’s how to fix that on your PS4.

Any PlayStation controller can be mapped. If you find yourself frustrated with the button layout:

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  • Go to Accessibility settings
  • Look for Button Configuration.
  • From there you can tweak the controller layout to your liking.
Remap the Controller Buttons

8. Control your PS4 with your Voice

This is probably my favorite feature.

Want to give your dainty fingers a break from button mashing? Your PS4 can be controlled by voice command. Just use the microphone connected to PlayStation Camera or headset.

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  • Go into Settings
  • Voice Operation Settings
  • Click on the checkbox to Operate PS4 With Voice.

As long as you’re set with some form of a mic, you’re good to go. Just say “PlayStation”, and “All Commands” and you’ll be presented with a list of all the voice commands at your disposal.

Control your PS4 with your Voice

9. Set Your Status to Offline

Sometimes it is peaceful to just play without letting anyone know, especially when you are avoiding being rude. There are very few steps to how you can do it.

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  • Click on the profile icon on your home screen.
  • A pop-up menu appears
  • Select online status and become offline.
Set Your Status to Offline

10. Fix Slow Downloads

This trick might seem a bit daunting but it really isn’t. A few steps have been experimented by multiple people and good news for you, it works!

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If you are facing slow downloads, you don’t have to wait for long now. Just go to your PS4 network settings and change DNS to your google DNS.

Apply these Tips and Tricks to your PS4 and let me know in the comment section how it went.

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