Returnal PC port set to release this Month

The 2021 PS5 exclusive shooter is set to come on the PC on the 15th of February 2023. Rumors of this port release have been circulating the internet for a while, and a PC version is now confirmed to release.

When the game was initially released it gained a lot of popularity. The game featured an original setting with an exciting gameplay style. The only caveat was that it was released exclusively for the PS5 which really limited the number of players who could experience this sci-fi horror world.

Fortunately for fans of the genre, this will soon change and a lot more players will be able to play the game once the PC release comes out.

After many rumors and leaks, The port was announced at the Game Awards 2022 last year. They showcased new PC-exclusive perks that will be featured in this new version of the game.

By the looks of it, game fans will need a souped-up PC to play this port without issues.

Here’s the reveal trailer:

Exclusive PC Features:

  • Immerse yourself in a breathtaking visual experience with the new Ultrawide (21:9) and Super Ultrawide (32:9) aspect ratios, offering you an expanded field of view with stunning 4K resolution.
  • Enhance your gaming experience with the latest in lighting technology, including ray-traced reflections and shadows, adding depth and realism to your games. Performance-enhancing technologies like NVIDIA’s DLSS and NVIDIA NIS, as well as AMD’s FSR2, are also available to enhance your performance.
  • Feel the game come alive with the DualSense controller and its haptic feedback and dynamic trigger effects, bringing a new level of immersion to your gaming. Choose from mouse and keyboard or other controller inputs, with fully customizable button prompts to suit your playstyle. Accessibility options have also been added, including an alt-fire crosshair charging notification and a Co-op ping system.
  • Immerse yourself in an auditory experience with the added support for Dolby Atmos and the option to select the type of 3D audio support. Hear sound all around you with precision, bringing your environment to life and giving you a tactical advantage.
  • Get the complete PC gaming experience, with support for achievements on both Steam and Epic Games launchers, complete with an in-game progress tracker. Five graphical pre-sets have also been included, alongside in-game performance metrics, including an FPS counter, a gauge for GPU and CPU usage, and a latency tracker, so you can optimize your performance and get the most out of your gaming.
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