PS5 Tips & Tricks: Make Most Out Of Your PS5

Hey, PlayStation 5 owners!

Got an awesome new PS5, but want to make the most of it?

When you get a new PlayStation 5, you should also invest some time in learning all about the device.

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Even casual gamers can appreciate and use a few of the tricks presented in this article to enhance their user experience.

Here is the list of a Few Tips and Tricks for PS5!

1. Shortcut for Home on PS5

Usually, if you press the PlayStation button it flies you to the control centre. A long press of the PlayStation button will take you to the home screen.

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You might have noticed that the PS4 takes you to a quick menu by doing the same. Both are opposite and must be taken note of.

Shortcut for Home on PS5

2. Trophy Mini Videos

Trophies have come with a cool change in PS5, which are videos. It will display a video of you earning the trophy moments before you actually achieved it. To customize the display of it you can follow these steps:

  • Hop on to settings
  • Select the Capture and Broadcast option
  • Further, go down to trophies

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From there you can either toggle the button off or set the duration of its display between 15 or 30 seconds.

Trophy Mini Videos

3. Screen glitching in PS5

The problem that has arisen in PS PRO with a 4K TV is that the screen goes out and black for a while and comes back. This annoying problem has a solution that hopefully might work for you.

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  • Head to your settings
  • Go down to screen and video
  • Further, go to video output
  • Try minimizing the video transfer rate to -1 and -2
Screen glitching in PS5

4. Prevent PS5 From Overheating

Did you just experience PS5 Overheating? PS5 is too hot?

You will see a message on your screen which will tell you that your PS5 is overheating.

When you are playing on your PS5, it normally heats up but you should keep the temperature in check. Main Issues to this problem can include putting the PS5 in a closed area or too much dust on the inside of the PS5.

You can cool down your PS5 with the following tips given by Sony:

  1. Place the console at least 10 cm (4 inches) away from a wall surface.
  2. Do not place it on a carpet or rug with long fibers.
  3. Do not place in a narrow or cramped space.

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Or, you can BUY This High-Speed Charging Dock with an Efficient Air Suction PS5 Cooling Fan.

Not only this will cool your PS5 but charge your PS5 controllers as well. It comes with a Charging Dock Station and it can also hold up to 12 Games as well.

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5. Cleanup your PS5

Playstation has made it shockingly easy to clean and maintain the system for longer durability.

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You can easily take off the white side panel on both sides. Easy cleaning of fans and dust catches has been an incredible relief for PS5 users.

Cleanup your PS5

6. Typing via D-PAD

Using a joystick to type even a word was an inconvenience. The PS5 controller brings a d-pad that works analogously to a touchpad.

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You can hover over the panel to type. There are various other ways among which include using smartphone typing and many more.

7. Refrain Spoilers

Do you hate spoilers as well? This trick is for you then!

Exploring for yourself can give an ultimate satisfaction. You can now easily stop receiving spoilers in the form of a screenshot from your friends. You can quickly toggle the spoiler warning off via the following simple steps.

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  • From Home Screen go to settings
  • Select the menu of saved data and game app settings
  • Adjust your spoiler warning privacy accordingly
Refrain Spoilers

8. Control PS5 via smartphone

Playstation app has now become a central feature of PS5 for operating and managing your whole experience even when you are away from the console.

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For the PS5, the Playstation app has been upgraded, advancing its reach to control more and more just through your daily used mobile phone. You can download, purchase and upgrade your games, manage storage and even launch a game only if your PS5 is in standby mode.

Control PS5 via smartphone

9. Adjust the default difficulty

PS5 players experience various games of different themes and sorts.

I doubt that gen Z would not set the difficulty level to the highest but still for new gamers out there, you can set the settings to various difficulty levels according to your ease.

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Gradually you can definitely upgrade.

Adjust the default difficulty

10. Saving Battery by Adjusting Controller Timer

If we talk about the default settings, the dual sense controller is not set to turn off. To save battery and solve the issue of you being lazy enough, you can now set a timer for it.

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  • Select Settings from the Home Screen
  • Go to System and select Power Saving
  • Adjust the Controller time to 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes whichever suits you.
Saving Battery by Adjusting Controller Timer

11. Use 3D Audio Effect

The PS5 is already a highly immersive experience, but 3D Audio takes it one step further.

You need to use headphones or earbuds to take advantage of it, so plug headphones into your controller and you should hear the difference immediately. However, you can influence how 3D Audio sounds by calibrating it via:

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  • Settings
  • Sound
  • Audio Output.
  • Beneath the option to Enable 3D Audio, choose Adjust 3D Audio Profile and pick the one that sounds best to you from the five levels available.
Use 3D Audio Effect

I hope you learned some new Tips and Tricks from this article. Do let me know in the comment section.