Next PS5 restock is Friday: Stores to FINALLY score a PlayStation 5!

Hey, PlayStation fans!

Excited that the PS5 is making a comeback? Of course, you are!

But how can you be among the first to know when a restock is announced?

Stick to the end to know the answers.

You can thank the electronics industry’s lack of wafers during the pandemic and increased demand for PS5 and other consoles for that. Restocks on PS5 and Xbox are spaced out a bit, but March looks like a good month for those.

Hopefully, restocks are coming soon. PS5 restocks and Xbox Series X restocks seem to be much more commonplace, or they will be in March at least. GameStop will restock its PS5 inventory online and in stores on March 11. Meanwhile, Best Buy has already had Xbox Series X restocks, but those no longer seem to be available.


Meanwhile, both Walmart and Amazon have had recent PS5 restocks and now have no inventory available. But some rumors point to imminent PS5 restocks at Best Buy and Target stores as well as a new PS5 drop due on Amazon by March 31. In short, it’s possible that Amazon may not give advance notice on that PS5 drop, so you’ll want to check stock there frequently.

As we approach the PlayStation 5 launch, it’s becoming more common for retailers to use premium subscription services like Amazon Prime and Totaltech as a way to offer faster access to a limited number of consoles. For example, during February’s restock, Best Buy offered higher priority to its Best Buy Totaltech members. Similarly, Walmart gave paid Walmart+ members priority access to its latest PS5 drop. If you want the best chance of securing a PlayStation 5 console this month, try one of these services.

Where Can I get a PlayStation 5?

You may still be able to snag a PS5 at Best Buy, Walmart, or GameStop, even if you’re not ready to drop serious cash on a PlayStation Membership or third-party reseller’s offering. Your luck depends on checking retail sites frequently for the latest restock news.

If you’re into social media, editor-in-chief Matt Swider has turned his Twitter profile into a kind of PS5 restock tracker: He live-blogs the GameStop in-store restocks he attends. Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and Gamestop routinely restock the console, but those stockings often sell out in seconds. Keep reading for details on when Sony’s coveted PS5 console will hit shelves again, and how you can be among the first to know.

Want Exclusively Early Access to PlayStation 5?

If you want Early Access to the PlayStation 5, you can subscribe as a member of your favorite retail store.

Amazon Membership:

amazon membership edited

Amazon Prime subscribers will have first access to the PlayStation 5 restock. The $139 annual subscription comes with many perks, including free three-day shipping and free streaming of movies and TV shows.

If you want to take advantage of the March restock, you’ll have better luck signing up for Prime, especially since Amazon still offers a free 30-day trial membership.

Amazon Membership $139 Yearly

Walmart Membership:

walmart membership edited

To ensure fast and easy access to the new PlayStation5, Walmart has restricted PlayStation5 restocks to members of its subscription service, Walmart+ [formerly called ‘WalmartTM’]. The membership program currently costs $98 a year or $12.94 per month and in addition to ease-of-access, Walmart+ also offers free, same-day delivery from your local Walmart store in some areas, member prices on gas at participating stations, and money off on certain prescriptions.

Walmart Membership $12.94 Monthly

Best-Buy TotalTech Membership:

best buy membership edited 1

Best Buy Totaltech gives you access to Best Buy’s newest products before anyone else, two-day shipping on everything, and two full years of protection for your purchases. You also get early access to limited-edition techs, like hard-to-find graphics cards.

Best-Buy TotalTech Membership $199 Yearly

GameStop Membership:

gamestop membership edited

At GameStop, you can sign up for PowerUp Rewards Pro for $15 a year, and when you do, not only will you get a free $10 credit on your account, but the company will also give you a 2% bonus to be used on product from any of its stores.

GameStop Membership $15 Yearly

PS5 Restock Information:

Here is the latest information about the PlayStation 5 at different retail stores.

At Walmart:


February 24th was the date when Walmart last dropped PS5. The units will only be available to members of the retailer’s store program, called Walmart+. If you’re not already a member, sign up ahead of time at Walmart’s website. You’ll want to set an alarm on your phone for when new stock goes up, and you’ll also want to refresh the page often. Finally, remember that Walmart is selling PS5 units exclusively online.

PS5 Console

PS5 Digital Edition

At Amazon:

ps5 3

Amazon’s PS5 page, which is accessible by clicking on the link below this paragraph, shows that Amazon anticipates getting more units of the console in March, perhaps towards the end of the month. Prime members will be able to buy them before non-Prime members can.

PS5 Console

PS5 Digital Edition

At Best-Buy:

ps5 1

We expect Best Buy to have another restock of consoles in March, so check the site often. When Best Buy does receive a new shipment, the consoles are gone quickly. So check the current stock regularly.

PS5 Console

PS5 Digital Edition

At Target:

ps5 2

In January, Target restocked PS5s, but they quickly sold out. But Swider has now confirmed that another restock will be coming in March. To check Target’s current stock, use the link below.

Check Stock

At GameStop:

ps5 4

GameStop is offering a limited number of consoles at its in-store events. But it also has a little more to share, so be sure to check out the retailer’s website.

Check Stock


ps5 5

On, you can sign up for an opportunity to purchase a PS5 directly from the manufacturer. Once the PS5 becomes available, PlayStation will notify shoppers on its waiting list by emailing them with private links to order the product. The company does not currently provide a timeline for when it plans to begin selling the new system.

Check Stock

I hope this article gives you enough information about PS5.

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