“Cores & Threads” Learn Your Computer More

Wondering why are your threads more than your cores?

In this article, there is everything you need to know.

In simple words you can say that cores are workers and threads are the conveyors. One processor can have many threads.

The Core is a physical component and small hardware inside processors and thread is a logical part of the Core that executes every command and gives an output.

Below are the most asked questions related to cores and threads. Give it a read and know your computer more.

What is Thread?

A Thread itself is not a program. It cannot run on its own but runs within a program. Thread divides itself into two or more simultaneously running tasks. More threads mean a faster processor. There are two types of threads.

  1.    User threads (which run in user application)
  2.   Kernal threads (which are run by the OS)

What are CPU Cores?

CPU cores are the integrated circuits which can be said to act as a processor, a single CPU may have many cores. More cores mean larger data processing. A Core is a physical unit of processor that can work on threads.

Earlier, CPUs had a single core but Today CPUs can have up to 18 cores. Each core operates differently from others.

Threads Vs Cores

  • Basics

    • Threads: A virtual component that manages the task.
    • Core: An actual hardware component.
  • Process

    • Threads: Use multiple CPUs for operating numerous processes.
    • Core: Use context switching.
  • Working

    • Threads: Require multiple processing.
    • Core: Requires only a single process unit

What is concurrency?

Concurrency is the act of running multiple computations at the same time but not simultaneously. In concurrency, we have time slicing. Time slicing means some time is given to task 1 and then switch and then some time is given to task 2.

The goal of concurrency is not about performance, it’s about making application usable.

What is Parallel Execution?

Parallel Execution is the act to run multiple tasks on multiple cores simultaneously. It executes computations more quickly. It focuses on speeding the application. Any system that has more than one CPU can perform parallel processing.

What is Hyper-Threading?

Core with 2 threads is called hyper-threading technology or you can say it is a process in which we can divide a process into two or more and those sub-divided programs can be executed at the same time parallelly. CPU has 2 physical cores and can process 4 threads simultaneously through hyper-threading.