Discord Mic Not Working

Discord Mic Not Working? Did you just logged into discord for voice chat or your teammate can’t hear you while playing your best game? How do i fix my mic not working? You can fix discord mic not working by making sure that the microphone or headset is connected  properly to your PC and make […]

Install Discord On PS4

Looking to get Discord on PS4? Discord is the most used VOIP worldwide for communication such as you can video, voice, and send text messages while playing your game. Is there Discord on PS4? Yes, there is Discord On PS4, and this guide will let you know how to get Discord on PS4. Is there […]

Fix Discord Overlay Not Working

Discord Overlay Feature is NOT working? Are you unable to share Screenshots, Chats Or, Send voice messages? You don’t need to worry! As it’s not only you reporting this issue. Discord is the most used VoIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol) by professional gamers around the world. Does discord overlay affect FPS? Yes, discord overlay affects FPS […]

How To Report Someone On Discord

Someone is violating the guidelines, and you are wondering How to Report Someone on Discord? Discord is the most famous and safest VoIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol) platform for gamers worldwide and helps you to communicate with other teammates through chat or voice or video But Seeing that some other user is violating the rules by […]

Discord Text Markdown

Discord Markdown lets you add Meaning / Text Formatting Styles to your chats. Ever wanted to Spice up and add flavor to your Chats in Discord? Discord Markdown is the way to go! How do you make fancy text in discord? Discord Text Formatting Styles let you use different kinds of styles in your chat […]

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