Step-by-Step Guide to Setup Stream VR on Discord

Want to share your VR experience with your friends on Discord? Here is how you can stream VR on Discord by following a few easy methods.

Virtual Reality gaming is becoming popular by the day, and it is evolving rapidly in the new age of gaming. Many chat applications like Discord have integrated with consoles like PlayStation 5 and VR gaming technology to innovate the gaming experience across various platforms.

As PC gamers can’t enjoy the PlayStation’s VR technology, there is still hope to enjoy a similar experience with devices like Oculus Quest 2. You can stream VR on Discord via the SteamVR application for Windows to share the VR experience with your friends in the Go Live feature. It only requires a few easy steps and quick installation.

In this article, we will share a step-by-step guide to streaming VR on Discord by following an easy setup method. We will also discuss how you can share Oculus directly with Discord by casting via the browser.

How to Stream VR on Discord via SteamVR

The recommended way of streaming on Discord is by sharing the game available on SteamVR, and you can set it up by following these easy steps.

  1. Launch Discord on your PC and set up a new server for your friends by clicking the ‘+’ icon.
Setting up a new Server on Discord

2. Go to the Steam Website, search for Steam VR, and scroll down to click the ‘Play Game’ icon.

3. If you have a Steam application already installed on your system, it will automatically lead to SteamVR installation, as shown below. Otherwise, you’ll have to install Steam first.

Installing SteamVR on Windows

4. Click ‘Next’ to begin the installation process, and once it has been completed, click ‘Finish.’

5. Run the StreamVR application from your desktop or start menu.

6. Go to the Steam application and click the ‘VR’ titles to find and play your favorite VR game.

Accessing VR Games on Steam

7. Make sure the game and SteamVR are running in the background.

8. Run the Discord application, and your game’s name will be displayed in the server navigation section.

Streaming VR Game on Discord

9. Click the monitor icon next to your game’s name in the server navigation bar.

10. A new window will appear where you can set up the resolution and sound options. Once you’ve set up the steaming screen share, click the ‘Go Live’ button.

Setting Up VR Game for Streaming on Discord

That’s about it. Your VR gaming experience will be shared with your friends on Discord via the server you’ve created.

How to Stream VR on Discord via Oculus Quest 2

Streaming VR from Oculus Quest 2 is relatively easy with the help of 2 different methods. Let’s start by discussing each step-by-step method to simplify your setup process.

Method #1: Using Oculus Screen Sharing

  1. Install and run the Google Chrome web browser on your PC.
  2. Go to the Oculus website, log in with your credentials, and you will be directed to the casting page.
Loggin in on Oculus Casting

3. Now press the Oculus button on the controller while wearing the VR headset.

Oculus Button on VR Controller

4. Click the ‘Cast’ option on your VR screen from the options available.

5. Select your computer system from the list to begin the screen casting.

6. Once you have appropriately set up screen sharing via Oculus, launch Discord and make a new server.

7. Now Go Live and share your screen via the Discord server. Here you will see the option to share a window or an entire screen.

8. Now select the Oculus Casting browser window to share the Oculus Stream.

Method #2: Using Virtual Desktop

  1. Purchase and install the Virtual Desktop on Oculus Quest 2 and Desktop.
  2. Launch the Virtual Desktop application and log in with your Oculus username to connect the applications.
  3. Run the Virtual Desktop app on Oculus Quest 2, and here you will see the Desktop window.
  4. Now you can share the Oculus Casting section on your browser with Discord streaming to share the stream.

Final Word

Sharing the VR experience with your friends can be an interactive experience for your viewers. In this guide, we mentioned a couple of methods to Stream VR via Discord by following a few easy methods. We hope this guide was helpful enough to assist you in resolving your problem.


How to Use Discord Overlay in VR?

You can automatically enable overlay in VR by accessing SteamVR > Setting > Startup or Shutdown > Choose Startup Overlay Apps.

Can you Use a Phone as VR for PC?

With the iVRy Driver for Steam VR on Steam, you can enable your iPhone, Android, GearVR, or Oculus Mobile as a Virtual Reality Headset. Hence you don’t need a dedicated PC VR Headset.


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