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YouTube TV Will be Getting Mosaic Mode Soon

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Google last month told partners about a series of upcoming updates for the YouTube users on Android and Google TV.

YouTube TV, latest update will be getting a “Mosaic Mode” that “will allow subscribers to watch up to four channels at the same time by dividing the TV screen into quadrants.

This split screen mode will also support two or three video configurations and sounds particularly ideal for watching simultaneous sporting events.

YouTube TV Will be Getting Mosaic Mode Soon

YouTube TV Shorts

YouTube TV Will be Getting Mosaic Mode Soon

The other big update that is going to be release soon will be YouTube Shorts that are coming to televisions with letterboxing and controls at the right of the vertical video

As you can see above the image was leaked after the mock-up slide presented to the audience of Google’s partner event.

Both of the above features were introduced to partners in the context of Android/Google TV.

According to me YouTube TV’s split screen mode would be great on Android tablets and the iPad, as well as the web.

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