Edit into a Short: New and Easy Way To Create Youtube Shorts!

Do Even More With YouTube Shorts

YouTube has introduced an “Edit into a Short” tool for content creators to turn longer videos into shorts.

Available for iOS and Android, this feature emerges as a competition to TikTok’s video format.

Convert Long-Form Video Into Minute-Long Shorts

The “Edit into Shorts” tool will let you select up to 60 seconds from one of your videos and bring it into the Shorts editor to trim it down to a 60-second Shorts.

This is all done right from the YouTube app.

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After you drag your YouTube video to the Shorts editor, you can then add text, filters, as well as videos shot from the Shorts camera.

Along with this, you can use your photo from your photo
library and add that too to the newly created YouTube Shorts.

Use Shorts As An Ideal Promotional Tool

YouTube has further provided a way to link back the Shorts to the original YouTube video so that creators can bring in traction, viewers, and promotion of their YouTube channel.

But, here’s the catch.

If a user enjoys Shorts, he would not want to go back to the creator’s channel and search around. Therefore, YouTube is testing its monetization option for this new Shorts feature so that the creators can utilize the platform to their fullest.

YouTube Envisions To Capitalize On Shorts For
Marketing Mechanism

The new YouTube “Edit into a Short” tool cannot be used on other users’ uploads.

This means that you as the original creator will be able to import your long-form video into Shorts, while other creators can not use this tool to use on your content, the company says

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