Hi-Fi Rush is Now Playable on Steam Deck After Getting Verified

Tango Gameworks, the developer behind Hi-Fi Rush, has announced that the game has been verified by Steam Deck. Hi-Fi Rush has quickly become one of the most successful Xbox first-party releases in recent history, and with this new update, players will be able to play the hit game on the go

The rhythm-based action game Hi-Fi Rush, when released by Xbox developer direct was only available on Xbox consoles and PC as a Microsoft title but can now be enjoyed on a portable platform. Bethesda has proudly announced that Hi-Fi Rush is now officially verified by Steam Deck. This verification guarantees optimal performance on the portable console and adds the game to the expanding list of Steam Deck-verified titles.

The game has received mostly positive(with 98% of the 5,471) reviews on Steam and outselling bigger games like Forspoken just days after its release. The Deck verified status is going to give more boom to the sales as players now have the option to enjoy the game on the go.

Hi-Fi Rush is a good example of what a successful alternative video game marketing campaign can look like. The game’s popularity is likely to continue to grow.

Hi-Fi Rush is now available on Xbox Series X/S, Windows PCs, Xbox, and PC Game Pass, and Xbox Cloud Gaming and is also available on the Linux-powered Steam Deck.

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