Top 10 Elden Ring Twitch streamers to Watch

Let me tell you what is the hottest topic in gaming nowadays,


Elden Ring

Yes, seriously it is. It’s all over the internet. This game is getting hype more than any celebrity.

I guess this game is a Celebrity itself.

With the release of Elden Ring, many Souls fans have gone crazy and hype has reached the point where streamers are streaming it on all platforms. Players seem to love it, but there are some flaws [being a Souls game] that can get annoying at times.

That only makes players want to keep going and not stop as they face off against just another boss, that is what every player who has played a Souls game before feels at some point in time.

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Elden Ring is a brand new action RPG that FromSoftware has released, and it is published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It features elements similar to games made by FromSoftware like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Bloodborne, and previous titles in the Dark Souls series.

The innovative gameplay and engaging storyline built around the Elden Ring universe have earned the game an average rating of 9/10 on Steam. The game has been one of the most trending games on YouTube and Twitch since its release, with many viewers praising its unique story elements.

Top Elden Ring Players on Twitch:

These are the most-watched Elden Ring Twitch Streamers.

Note: the viewer hours, peak hours, and live hours are all according to TwitchMetrics.

1: fps_Shaka

fps Shaka

Chikara’Shaka’Kawakami is a professional esports player for PUBG who currently plays for DeToNator, a Japanese esports organization. fps_Shaka has 774K followers on Twitch.

He has 6,719,048 viewer hours, 45,673 peak viewers, and 311 live hours.

2: summit1g

summit1g edited 1

Jaryd Russell Lazar AKA summit1g is an American Twitch streamer with 6.1 Million followers on Twitch. He has been streaming since 2012.

He has 5,268,142, viewer hours, 32,059 peak hours, and 359 live hours.

3: stylishnoob4


Yuta Seki AKA stylishnoob4 is a Japanese streamer who was born in Nagoya, Japan. He first created his channel on November 3rd, 2013. Along with Elden Ring, he plays a variety of games like PUBG, Apex Legends, and overwatch.

He has 773K followers on Twitch, 4,371,679 viewer hours, 40,902 peak hours, and 223 live hours.

4: 풍월량 [hanryang1125]

풍월량 hanryang1125 edited

Kim Young-tae AKA 풍월량 [] is a Korean streamer and he currently belongs to the Sandbox Network. He started streaming on Twitch on October 26, 2016.

He has 576K followers on Twitch, 4,075,138 viewer hours, 38,519 peak hours, and 252 live hours.

5: YoDa


Felipe Noronha AKA YoDa is a Brazilian streamer with the largest fan base in Brazil. He is also a player and entrepreneur.

He has 2.2 Million followers on twitch, 3,405,167 viewer hours, 30,138 peak hours, and 273 live hours.

6: CohhCarnage

CohhCarnage edited

Ben Cassell AKA CohhCarnage lives in North Carolina. He started streaming on Twitch in 2015. He has also worked as a Dj and music producer.

He has 1.4 Million followers on Twitch, 3,337,417 viewer hours, 32,835 peak hours, and 271 live hours.

7: Quin69

Quin69 edited

Quintin Crawford AKA Quin69 is a Twitch Streamer from New Zealand. He started streaming on Twitch in 2015. First, his content was based on World of Warcraft videos. On January 14, 2022, he was banned from Twitch for hateful conduct.

He has 666K followers on Twitch, 3,319,875 viewer hours, 23,809 peak hours, and 356 live hours.

8: alanzoka


Alan Ferreira AKA alanzoka is a full-time Brazillian streamer. He mostly plays horror games like Five Nights at Freddy’s.

He has 5.4 Million followers on Twitch, 3,198,760 viewer hours, 37,307 peak hours, and 168 live hours.



Saqib Zahid AKA LIRIK is an American streamer. He first started his Twitch career with World of Warcraft videos.

He has 2.9 Million followers on Twitch, 3,153,788 viewer hours, 32,005 peak hours, and 174 live hours.

10: Sardoche


Andreas Honet AKA Sardoche is a French streamer. He is a LOL streamer and professional streamer.

He has 1.2 Million followers on Twitch, 3,048,336 viewer hours, 24,035 peak hours, and 255 live hours.

This was the list of Top 10 Elden Ring Streamers, Hope you found your favorite streamer in the list.

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