Elden Ring is going to Cross a MILLION Concurrent Players on Steam!!!

Don’t you think it’s too soon? We just got the news that this game has been launched.

Recently, Apex Legends was released on steam deck and now, Elden Ring is going to cross Million concurrent players on Steam.

Aren’t these two the greatest news for a gamer?

Without a doubt, Elden Ring is a hot topic when you mention the new game that has been launched.

elden ring 2

The news of the first review, an important milestone of any blockbuster game, quickly became headlines on many channels. And that great is Steam’s current concurrent player count records, the game broke it with ease.

Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s latest release, has seen overwhelming popularity since its launch. It is the latest game to break Steam concurrent player records.

After its release, the game reached over 950,000 players in only two days, According to SteamDB, peaking at 953,426 concurrent players. There is no way to tell how many total copies the game has sold, But it is safe to assume that it has sold a ton.

elden ring almost cross million concurrent players

Unfortunately, it’s not perfect. Many people want FromSoftware to do something about the game’s poor mouse and keyboard controls.

FromSoftware still has a lot to prove when it comes to its upcoming titles. Even without its Souls titles, the company has had a history of churning out mediocre games.

elden ring news

The company’s latest title, Elden Ring, is already one of the top ten most played games on Steam. Elden Ring is set to be the sixth-highest on the all-time list of most concurrent Steam players, with games such as Lost Ark and Cyberpunk 2077 topping it for now.

I think that FromSoftware is going to see great success with their new game.

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