New Software Update brings a HUGE Improvement to your Xbox Controller [Sep 2021]

Most Xbox One and above controller supports Bluetooth which means it can help you connect the same Xbox controller to PC, Mac or even smartphones for some casual gaming. If not, check out how to connect the Xbox controller to your PC.

But, anyone who has used the Xbox controller on more than one device knows the struggle to disconnect it from one device and then pair it again with another device. The Xbox controllers were not able to remember more than one connected device.

That is not the case anymore with the new software update to your Xbox One, Elite 2, and Adaptive controller which let it remember more than 1 device at a time so switching between your phone and Xbox is a way less hassle. All you need to do to change the device is to double-tap the pair button. So, maybe our dream of playing two games simultaneously is not that far.

New Software Update brings a huge improvement to your Xbox Controller

This update not only includes the multi-device support but also improves latency between your gaming machine and the controller for smoother battles.

According to Microsoft, this update will arrive in the coming month but you can get it now on the alpha channel if you’re a part of the Xbox insider program.

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