All the Rumors Combined for the Latest iPhone 13 Releasing Next Week

Apple has announced a special event on September 13, which is most likely to include the announcement of the next generation of the iPhone lineup as they have always get launched in September since the first iPhone. Let’s summarize what we know about it yet through leaks, rumors, and the educated guesses:

  • Smaller notches to house FaceID and cameras as compared to iPhone 12. Source
  • The latest iPhone is most probably called iPhone 13 (not a hard one to guess) because a liked video of the latest iPhone cases clearly has “iPhone 13 pro max” written on them.
  • The iPhone 13 pro and 13 pro max models would have 120 Hz displays using LTPO technology. That would make animations and games super smooth just like the iPad Pros and high-end Android phones.
  • A new MagSafe charger is also seen in the FCC listing which could mean the MagSafe charger can be connected to devices more than just iPhone. Maybe it can be connected to AirPods too but there is no confirmation for that.
  • There are also rumors of new AirPods 3, iPad Mini, and Apple Macbook Pros with M2/M1X chip.

All the Rumors Combined for the latest iPhone 13 releasing next week

Next week is very exciting for all the Apple fans as September is always the biggest month for all things Apple.

Image Credit: Apple

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