Deliver Us Mars: Puzzle Solving Sci-fi With Cinematics

Deliver Us Mars is finally out, and it seems promising with its sci-fi adventure storyline and boring gameplay mechanics to give a realistic experience.

The wait is over, and we finally got our first look at the Deliver Us Mars, which is based on more of a narrative-driven, puzzle-solving experience rather than the combats or action-adventure experience.

The game seems relatively improved than its prequel, Deliver Us Moon, which was released in 2018. For those who don’t know, Deliver Us Mars is set ten years after the events of its predecessor, Deliver Us Moon. The launch trailer revolves around humanity’s survival on the red planet and some family drama.

Getting to the point now, is the game worth buying, and what kind of gameplay experience does it offer?

In this article, The CPU Guide will present a detailed review of the newly released Deliver Us Mars, along with some insights on the storyline and gameplay mechanics. So, let’s dive in.

The Storyline of Deliver Us Mars

KeokeN Interactive has developed a story-driven third-person adventure game that relies heavily on its narrative of puzzle-solving gameplay and survival adventure experience. The storyline of the characters is linked with the events set in Deliver Us Moon, but you can still play Deliver Us Mars if you haven’t played its prequel.

The story goes by as Kathy Johanson is on a mission to investigate a secluded colony on the red planet (Mars) while she is motivated by the hopes of finding what happened to her father. Kathy is sent on a mission to Mars after receiving an alarming signal from the planet to save Earth from dying. Now let’s proceed to the gameplay section.

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Deliver Us Mars Gameplay

Based on the gameplay offered by Deliver Us Moon, I’d sum up the gameplay by saying that there are only four things you can do in Deliver Us Mars: lurk around in the empty spaces, explore random documents, watch cinematic documentaries, and slowly climb walls like you’re Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider. And that’s pretty much about it.

Deliver Us Mars Gameplay

Ayla is a Friend Indeed

The game’s storyline is bombarded with a range of cinematic scenes where Ayla, our flying robot companion, gives a glimpse of what has happened previously at particular locations in the game. I did notice some inconsistency while solving the puzzles. Therefore, relying on Ayla really helped me out while passing through enigmas.

Ayla in Deliver Us Mars

Kathy being Major Lazer

Solving these puzzles and unlocking the doors becomes much easier with the help of a laser beam equipped with Kathy’s space suit. I could literally melt down these metal doors with laser beams and diffusing power panels to pass through locked doors.

Cutting Doors With Laser Beam in Deliver Us Mars

On the other hand, when it came to climbing the walls, I felt stressed as it bored me out. The only tool I could use was a handy climbing axe, and it took me ages to climb a wall just to solve another puzzle at the end. Moreover, it was pretty challenging too, as I had to slam the retry button every time I failed and fell to death.

Deliver Us Moon Mechanics

Deliver Us Mars is much like its prequel, Deliver Us Moon, when it comes to the gameplay mechanics. Sure, I got to ride a space rover, but it’s only good for taking you from point A to B. It is not like I could free-roam a lot in the sci-fi car on the red planet. And yes, I could jump like an astronaut. It was a pretty cool experience.

Climbing Walls in Deliver Us Mars

Like its prequel, Deliver Us Mars involves switching between third-person and first-person perspectives to make the gameplay experience more interactive. On your way toward exploration, you’ll find many old chat logs, documents, holograms, letters, and books, all leading to characters who left them behind in the colony buildings.

Stunning Environment from Deliver Us Mars

I can’t appreciate the game developers enough when it comes to the stunning environment details and effects building in the atmosphere. I felt the actual experience of being an astronaut while climbing the walls and navigating through different launch controls while strolling around in zero-gravity space.

Stunning Environment in Deliver Us Mars

The surface, rocks, and sky’s graphics seem on point, as I didn’t find them in no way near what I’ve seen in the games based on planet Earth. There are only certain climbable surfaces that are pretty noticeable, so I didn’t struggle much while finding my way through the game.

Realistic Sound Effects

I’d equally appreciate the sound effects and background music that made the gameplay experience more realistic. The same goes for the voice acting, which seemed on point based on the situation. It was irresistible for me not to watch Kathy’s story till the end as the game beautifully portrayed the flashbacks and cinematic holograms throughout the storyline.

Hologram's Talking in Deliver Us Mars

Checkpoint Saving is Terrible

A major issue I encountered while playing the game was the loading checkpoint and save settings. This is the kind of issue that is unacceptable for me, even if I’m playing a game on an old-generation console like PlayStation 2.

The worst part: there is no manual saving option in the game. The auto-save checkpoints aren’t too far. But if the game crashes or you have to reboot your system, the real progress will be lost, which is a huge waste of time. The manual saving option is a basic feature lacking on new-gen consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X for Deliver Us Mars.

When I launched the game, the cursor was set to ‘New Game’ by default, and I pressed on it repeatedly, erasing all of my previous progress from the auto-save. It is pretty annoying that there is no ‘Load Game’ option, but fortunately, I could select the chapter once I bypassed it at a certain stage. Although I still find it a waste of time to restart the chapter from nothing.

Final Words

After spending a decent amount of time playing the game, I’d say my experience was neutral. The game is based on exploring mysteries and resolving puzzles while wandering around in space. So if you’re a fan of action and combat style, then this game is not for you. KeokeN Interactive did a pretty good job with zero-gravity space experience. But it doesn’t work out for everyone, I guess.


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